This was the third day without food and water and other basic amenities, every single one of them was growing thinner and had no motivation or strength to even move or try to escape, it looked like that they all gave up and were now at the mercy of the enemy.

Today was the worst day, as if being deprived of food wasn’t enough now the enemy leader thought of torturing the prisoners as he was not able to get any valuable information from them till date. He ordered many torture techniques like cutting fingers, burning their body parts etc. Captain Louis and his crew knew that they were going to die or will be killed sooner or later so they decided not to utter a single word against their country and keep quiet.

All these activities were recorded an were sent to news channels who broadcasted them as breaking news spreading a layer of fear among the citizens. At least Louis was alive and this gave Angela a false hope that he would return home one day and she would tell him her pregnancy news.

Meanwhile Louis – who was broken from inside was thinking about his wife and their marriage, he wished that he spent more time with his wife before he went back to work, he wished to have taken an off and go to a vacation with his wife. All his plans were now in vain, he had even planned their honeymoon destination where they were supposed to go in the six months free time which was just after 24 more days but now the scenario was completely different, he even wasn’t sure that will he remain alive for the next 24 hours let alone 24 days. It was really crushing.

Many of his team members gave up on life and were dead due to weakness or the un – imaginable torture that they had to go through every day. The only thing that kept Louis alive for a longer period of time was “hope”. Hope of getting home and meeting his wife, hope that his country for whom he had served day and night for four years will do something and rescue them out of here but somewhere in his heart he knew that none of the both were going to happen. Still he kept his calm and beard all the pain until one day. It was the day when he was supposed to reach home and meet his wife, it was the last day of his duty on work as well as in life, he gave up to the pain and died.

Louis did reach home but not on his feet but laying in a casket with their country flag wrapped around it. He was honoured with the highest and the most valuable medal in the navy for his contribution towards the safety on the nation and his tremendous patience. Now all that Angela had to live with was his photo and their baby whom she named Louis later on.