Afridi used to think a lot that whether he would come close to his father or not. It might be also possible that his father never had warm feelings for him in his heart.

It was Thursday and my flight to Japan was on Thursday 7:00 a.m. Therefore, I had to leave early at least 3 hours before the flight because our home was far from the airport. So, I had to leave at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. So, I packed my bags in the night only. I packed all the clothes, accessories and the necessary food items that are home cooked. My mom helped me a lot in packing all the stuff. We both didn’t have sleep in our eyes all because that we both were upset. My mom cried the whole night and this made me so distressed and depressed. She kept crying. But my father after knowing all this was sleeping inside the room as if he is relieved from all the stress. Afridi couldn’t explain this to her mom that his father is not worried after knowing that I am leaving at 3:00 in this morning and all this is making me so stressed from inside.

We reached at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. We booked a taxi from our home to the airport and reached there before the flight time. I completed all the responsibilities that one need to perform in the airport before boarding an airplane. Therefore, after completing all the accountabilities I need to go inside to board a plane. And because I need to go alone after this I took my blessings from my mom by touching her feet and was turning around to take blessings from my father… but I was scandalized to see that my father was not there.

When I looked around I saw my father was busy in his phone calls. Afridi was sad as well as annoyed. O he moved his footsteps towards him. These were his heaviest footsteps. When he reached almost near to his father he could hear the sobbing voice. After hearing the sobbing voice Afridi couldn’t trust his ears. But Afridi was not wrong at this time the sobbing voice was his father’s only. He saw that his father was crying like a child. Tears were rolling down his eyes. But he was pretending to us that he is busy in his phone calls so that he could hide his tears. When Afridi’s father saw that Afridi is approaching him he tried to control the situation.

“Oh! Why are you still here? Oh, I got it! Did you get the boarding call? Okay, Son. Bye! Take care! Have a happy journey” said my father in a very low tone showing that he was on the verge of crying.

“Dad, but…you…!” Afridi was not able to even say the complete sentence and his eyes was filled with tears. He ran towards his father and hugged him tightly.

“Son, my shoulders have ben due to responsibilities. I did everything that I could do to make your life happy, prosperous and easy for you. And now that errands have shifted on you. Your father will wait for you every moment of this course of every 5 years…..” My father was crying a lot and I could see all the pain that was amassed inside him for years. His heart melted like ice was melting. Afridi got to know about his father today only.