Candice would usually take the kids in the morning and drop them off to school before she actually went to work. This day was no different. It was 5th December when all this started when Candice bumped into two men who were wearing long black overcoats with beanie hats, she thought to herself that it was quite common attire as it was freezing cold and did not think about it for long.

Her suspicion grew when she bumped into the same two men every single day. It was as if they came out of somewhere which looked to be a car when they saw her coming down the road with her kids.

One day that was the 10th of December she gathered courage and was determined to ask the men about it. But to her surprise, they sat in their car the whole time she walked by. She felt really uncomfortable but there was nothing she could do.

Little did she knew that the men have been observing her and their house from a long time with a motive to rob as they concluded that there were only three people living whom they saw leave every morning, they were not aware of her husband and their dog.

The men broke into their house at around 10 am when the neighborhood was empty and everyone was at work. At first, Steve thought he heard something like the front window mirror being broken but due to his inability to move, he laid and prayed to be wrong.

The men initially broke into the house with the intention to rob any cash or jewelry or anything of value. But when they found nothing (as everything was either sold off to finance Steve’s treatment or was sent off to the bank locker) they got really angry and decided to question to Steve.

Steve who was seeing this from a distance was really scared as his dog was gone to a walk with a friend of his and he was incapable of undertaking any action himself. This was the time that Steve has been the most scared in his entire lifetime as the men were armed with guns and looked very angry.

When the questions answer session was going on between the two parties fur ball arrived and started barking after seeing the broken window glass. She sensed something wrong and somehow got herself free from her leash and jumped in. Steve’s friend who was standing outside instantly called the police.

Inside one of the men had his gun pointed towards Steve when the dog arrived and she quickly ran towards him and as the gun shot fired Steve opened hi eyes to find that the shot was taken by his dog who was now lying in the corner with blood all over its body. The police caught the robbers and they were taken away in the van.

This incident left the whole family in shock especially Steve as it all happened in front of him. They cremated their dog with all rituals. It was a really emotional moment for the family. They still feel as the dog is between them and often end up crying after remembering her.