It was still dark as Vijay Yadav jogged a long Versova beach. He looked at his digital watch and saw that the time was 6 a.m. and the beach was deserted except for a garbage truck. In the early morning sunlight as Vijay jogged a long, he suddenly saw a body lying on the beach. It was a man wearing soot and that he kneeled down; Vijay saw that the man was dead.

Near the man was a large leather brief case. Vijay opened it and was shocked to see that the brief case was fill with bundles of 2000 rupees notes. Just then, a voice above him, “Is he dead?” Startled Vijay looked up and saw that it was the driver of the garbage truck.

Vijay replied, “Yes he is dead.”

The man asked, “Has he been murdered?”

Vijay examine the body again, saw that there were no external wounds and said, “no, looks like he had a cardiac arrest.”

“What arrest?” Questioned the man puzzle.

“I mean heart attack,” replied Vijay.

The man smiled and said, “he has no use of this money now, right?”

Wh..What do you mean? Stammered Vijay.

“Simple,” said the man grinning and showing paan stain teeth, “he is dead and we are alive and I could surely use the money.”

“But… but what do we do with the body?” Questioned Vijay

The man winked and said, “we will get rid of it and make sure that it is not found but I need your help.”

“Wait here, while I get the truck.” Said the man running across to the garbage truck that Vijay has seen earlier.

Driving the truck up to Vijay and stopping the man jumped off and said, “Help me.” Then the man removed a large blue plastic sheet under his sheet and said, “We will rap him in this but first let me remove his watch and rings.”

“Don’t”, said Vijay, “because that is how you likely to get caught.”

“How?” Questioned the man.

Vijay replied, “Most of the robbers are caught because they are greedy. If you sell the rings and watch they can be traced back to you but the cash in the brief case can not.”

The man winked at him and said, “you are pretty smart but how do you know all this?”

Vijay replied, “By reading lots of crime stories.”

Now said Vijay, “Since you are wearing gloves take his phone, take out the battery and throw both into the sea.”

Then they rapped the body in the plastic sheet and dumped it in the back off the garbage truck.

Vijay said, “put the brief case in the cabin.”

Then they started the van and drove off.

“Where now?” Questioned Vijay.

The man replied, “to the nearest dumping ground.”

“Do you know how much garbage is dumped in Mumbai everyday?”

“Vijay shocked his head negatively.’’

The man replied, “approximately 9000 tones everyday. They will not find his body among all these rubbish and in a few days there will be only bones left.”

“Right” said Vijay, “the rats will take care of him.’’

Later, the man and Vijay split the content of the brief case between them and threw the brief case on the garbage dumb.

“Remember! Caution, Vijay do not blow your money too soon or else people will get suspicious.”

“I already know what I am going to spend my money on.” Said the man.

“What?” Asked Vijay.

The man replied, “I live in a rented flat in Nala Sopara and the land lord has been chasing me to purchase it. Now I can purchase it and still have some money left over.”

“Where will you say the money has come from?” Questioned Vijay.

The man grinned, winged and replied, “ I’ll tell him my rich uncle from the village died and left me the money.”

“Drop me here.” Said Vijay.

Vijay got off from the truck and said, “ All the best.”

Man replied, “All the best to you too.”

The next day, Vijay sat in his office going through some files. He took a sip of hot black coffee and looked up at a knock on his door.

“Come in.” He said.

A peon entered and said, “someone wants to see you sir.”

“Show him in.” Said Vijay

A fat bald man wearing navy blue safari soot entered. He looked at Vijay and asked, “Are you senior inspector Vijay Yadav.”

Vijay replied, “Yes and who are you?”

Man said, “My name is Harsh Khandelwal and I am a real estate agent.”

Vijay said, “Please have a sit.”

The man sat down and Vijay asked, “How can I help you?”

The man said, “I want to file a missing person report?”

Vijay pulled up a pad and pen and said, “What is the name of the missing person?”

Man replied, “ His name is Anirudh Agarwal.”

Vijay said, “What is his age?”

Man replied, “Nearly early 40s.”

Vijay said, “Since when has he been missing.”

Man replied, “Since yesterday morning, he was supposed to meet me at Versova beach but he didn’t turn up.”

Vijay said, “Is he a relative?”

No…no… he was a client?”

Vijay Questioned, “Client?’’

Man said, “ I am an estate agent and he had bought a flat at Versova through me. He had made the token balance yesterday.”

Vijay Questioned, “ Have you tried caling or messaging him?”

Man said, “He had paid 75lakhs and yesterday he was suppose to pay the balance of 25lakhs

“In cash?” Asked Vijay

The man guilt and then replied softly, “Yes.”

Vijay put down his pen, sat back in his chair and said, “Do you know as per the government’s new rule the maximum amount of cash purchase can not exceed 2lakhs?”

The man who was sweating now nodded dumbly.

Vijay said, “Then how were you going to accept 25lakhs from him in cash?”

The man was silent.

Vijay continued, “Do you know if this comes to light, you will be in very trouble. Do you still want to file a missing person complain.”

The man shocked his head negatively.

Vijay smiled and said, “If you change your mind, I am ready to register a missing person’s complain.”

“No… no…’’Said the man, “Let his relatives do that.” He was not a friend, he was only a client.”

“Anything else,’’ asked Vijay standing up.

“No.. No..” Said the man.

“Thank you sir for your guidance.”

“Not at all,” Said Vijay smiling.

“I can see that you are a descent man and I do not want you to get into trouble,” Said Vijay.

Man replied, “Thank you sir , Namaste and god bless.”

Vijay smiled, sat down sipped his cup of coffee, found it was cold, ordered some more coffee and