Cinderon had hardly cried.

while he cleaned and cooked and fried.

His life was terrible, his bosses very bad.

All in dared was to look so sad.

His father was fat and extremely mad.

In fact, he was his step-dad.

His first step-brother was tall and thin.

His voice sounded like knocking on the tin.

His second step-brother was short as a rat.

Eating was his hobby, and also to chat.

Calderon was the victim of those.

Do you want to know how looked like? A Rose!

One day, while Calderon was cleaning the floor.

He heard a big knock banging on the door.

He opened it, and a messenger appeared.

With royal clothes but kind of weird.

He gave Cinderon a letter and rushed out.

Calderon handed it to his boss who ecstatically began to shout.

“My children come here, there, a wonderful party.

So dress up nicely each one appears like a smarty.

The princess is going to choose her man.”

So everyone in his closet ran.

Next day when everyone was ready Cinderon said to them in a voice so steady.

“Sir finished all my work and it’s not wrong.

Would you please allow me to come along?”

No, and a billion nos, “cried the tall one.

And in a second they were all gone.

Calderon felt so alone and began to cry.

He had really wanted to go so now he preferred to die.

“It’s hopeless,” he thought wisely.

And felt the comforting hand touching him nicely.

He turned to see that his Godfather had come.

He glowed red, like the setting sun.

And he said,” Cinderon, do n ‘t be so upset.

A miracle for you is happening just yet.”

And with his stick, he changed a mouse to a servant.

And Cinderon into a handsome prince regent.

He turned a pumpkin into a royal carriage.

And bade Cinderon good-bye with an important message.

“Do not be later than midnight,” he said.

And disappeared completely without glowing wearing red.

Cinderon stepped happily into the palace’s yard,

Then looked back and dismissed his bodyguard.

He danced and danced with the princess,

He was full of joy and happiness.

And midnight came while the choir was singing.

So he rushed out of the hall the clock was still ringing.

The Princess follow him as fast as she could,

But found he was gone forgetting his left boot.

After days and days of searching hard.

From the blacksmith’s home to the house of the guard.

At last, they found the one who suited the boot,

Was just a servant, who scrubbed and cooked.

But the spell was back which was to his bosses surprising

And the princess was married to her Prince Charming.