A Man has a worry about his life that it was not having any major change. His friend suggests an idea. What is the idea? and How does he execute it? is the story of “Burn Your Past”


Chapter 1: The Unclean Room
Sudeep was a Bachelor staying in Saidapet of Chennai. Sudeep was working in a private company as an assistant manager.

Sudeep was staying in an apartment, where he shared the room space with some of his friends.

It was the first week of January.

The day was a Saturday and Sudeep was in his apartment taking rest.

It was an official leave for him.

Sudeep got a call from one of his old friends.

Sudeep answered the call, “Hello Ramakrishnan, How are you?”

Ramakrishnan said, “I am fine, how are you, man?”
Sudeep said,” I am not fine man”

Ramakrishnan said, “Why man? What happened?”
Sudeep said, “Life is boring, no change, Nothing”

Ramakrishnan said, “What man, it is a brand new year”

Sudeep said, “But the New year has not brought any change in my life”

Ramakrishnan said,” What change do you expect?”

Sudeep said,” No salary hike for the past two years”

Ramakrishnan said,”Oh that is the problem”

Sudeep said, “Why you don’t see that as a problem?”

Ramakrishnan said,” it is a kind of your opinion”
Sudeep said, “Give me some suggestions man”

Ramakrishnan said,” Do you clean your rooms?”
Sudeep said, “Yes we do clean”

Ramakrishnan said, “How many times in a week?”

Sudeep said, “No, it is not in a week, we clean twice in a month”

Ramakrishnan said,”Oh my God, you dirty fellows”

Sudeep said,” We will be most of the time out of our apartment”

Ramakrishnan said, “So what?”

Sudeep said, “While returning home, we will go to bed direct”

Ramakrishnan said, “Without cleaning your floor?”
Sudeep said, “Yes”

Ramakrishnan said, “Then, how will you get uplift in your life?”

Sudeep asked, “What is co- relation between cleaning and uplift in life?”

Ramakrishnan said, “There is a lot of relationships”
Sudeep said,”Ok, what should I do now?”

Ramakrishnan said, “First clean your room “
Sudeep said, “Then?”

Ramakrishnan said,” Do you celebrate Bhogi Festival?”

Sudeep said, “Yes, we burn some of the old unusable things at home”

Ramakrishnan asked, “Are you doing it regular?”
Sudeep said, “No”

Ramakrishnan said, “Why?”

Sudeep said,” I will be sleeping on the early mornings of Bhogi”

Ramakrishnan said, “Okay, not an issue, but the gist of the festival is to burn your past”

Sudeep said,”Oh! is it so?”
Ramakrishnan said, “Yes, you can do it at any time during the year”

Sudeep said,”Oh is it so?”

Ramakrishnan said, “You take a picture of your room and mail me”
Sudeep said, “why?”

Ramakrishnan said, “Please do it now”

Sudeep took a picture of his room and sent him through an e-mail.

After five minutes again Ramakrishnan called Sudeep.

Sudeep answered, “Yes tell me, Ramakrishnan”

Ramakrishnan said,” I saw the picture, you have an old mattress, right?”

Sudeep said, “Yes”
Ramakrishnan said, “Are you sleeping over it?”

Sudeep said, “Yes”
Ramakrishnan said, “How many months you are using the mat?”

Sudeep said, “Maybe more than 2 years”
Ramakrishnan said, “Then burn that mat tonight”
Sudeep asked, “What? Why?”

Ramakrishnan said, “If you burn some old thing, you will get a change in life”

Sudeep said,”Oh! That is why you asked a photograph?”
Ramakrishnan said, “Yes, I thought of selecting it myself”

Sudeep said,”Ok, I will do as you say, let me see what change it brings?”

Ramakrishnan said, “These are all small beliefs, you do it “

Sudeep said,”Ok, I have some job now, bye”

Ramakrishnan said, “Bye”


Chapter 2: Burning the Past

Sudeep had a difference of opinion with Ramakrishnan.

Yet, he decided to do the burning activity.

Saidapet was a well-developed area in the midst of Chennai city.

Hence, Sudeep could not burn his mat during the day time.

So, he thought of burning it in the midnight or early morning.

Then after deep thinking, he came to a decision that he will burn the mattress by early morning 3 O clock in his street.

Thus he kept an alarm to wake him up at 2.45 in the morning. He also decided to do it in a confidential way.

The alarm rang exactly at 2.45 as he expected.

Sudeep woke up and switched off the alarm.
He went to the restroom and refreshed himself.

He then went to the kitchen and took a matchbox.

He came to the bedroom and took the old mattress.

He rolled it up and carried it under his arms.

Sudeep came out of his house and walked in the street.

His street was a narrow one; hence he decided to burn the mat in the next street.

After walking for five minutes, he reached a T-Junction, where 3 roads met.

He kept the mattress on the floor on the road side.

Sudeep lighted the match and threw it on the mattress.

The mat started burning.

Without warning, an old man came running towards him during that night.

The old man shouted, “You idiot, do you have any sense?’’
Sudeep screamed,”Hey! Mind your words”

The old man said, “You fool, you are making fire in a residential area”

Sudeep said, “I am burning the old”

The old man shouted, “This is not the place for that”
Sudeep exclaimed, “Why?”

The old man said,” see, there is an electrical circuit running nearby, first you stop the fire”

Sudeep said, “You allow me to complete my process”
The old man hit Sudeep in his face.

Sudeep did not hit back.
Sudeep took soil from the ground and threw it on the fire.

The fire was ablaze that it did not off that much easy.

Sudeep threw soil on the fire in a continuous manner till it got off.

After five minutes he got success in the process.

The old man was scolding him without break.

Sudeep walked away from the place in a slow manner.

He realized a pain in his lower jaw. It was bleeding.
Then only he got to know that, the old man has injured his lower jaw.
“Aah!” said Sudeep in pain.
He went to his apartment and slept again.


Chapter 3: The Injury

The next day morning, Sudeep got a call from Ramakrishnan.

Sudeep answered the call, “Hello Ramakrishnan”

Ramakrishnan said,” What, did you burn your past?”

Sudeep said, “Yes man”

Ramakrishnan said, “How do you feel now?”

Sudeep said, “I feel a pain in my mouth”

Ramakrishnan said, “Why?”

Sudeep said, “I got my mouth injured”

Ramakrishnan said, “How?”

Sudeep said, “because of burning my past”

Ramakrishnan said, “I can’t understand”

Sudeep said, “Please call me later man”

Ramakrishnan said,”Ok, it seems that you are busy, Bye”

Sudeep said, “Bye”

Sudeep cut the phone call.

Suede’s phone rang again.

It was a new number.

Sudeep answered the call, “Hello”

The other end said, “Hello sir, this is Sharath from Psychic readings limited”

Sudeep asked,”Psychic readings? What is this call about?”

Sharath said, “We burn your past by means of some physical activities”

Sudeep shouted,”Oh my god, give me a break man, burn your own past”

Sharath said, “Sorry sir, it seems you are busy, I will call you later”
Sudeep cut the phone call.