In the universe, life happens with a duty consciousness. Each and every life form has its own responsibilities. The story is about such a responsibility.


Chapter 1: A Painful Night

The night was dark. Tharang was lying on the floor in his room.

He felt tired because of the work he did during the day time.

It was around 10 p.m at which he felt a vomiting sensation. He went to the bathroom and stood before the closet.
He vomited out through his mouth. The liquid which came out contained blood.
His eyes got strained. His stomach had a bulge outwards.
His anal mouth was also having an irritating sensation.

He went to water closet to empty his bowels.
While emptying his bowels, blood came out of his anus.

He realized that he was having a serious illness.

The air which came out from his nostril was in an extreme hot condition.

He washed his face and body and came out of the restroom.
He again lay down to sleep. But, was not able to sleep.

Burning sensation in his stomach disturbed his sleep.

There was a blocking feeling in his chest also.

He was not able to judge the kind of his illness.

All he knew was he had gastric trouble for some days.

He thought that the gastric trouble has developed into a serious form now.

The time was running and his condition of seriousness increased with the time.

It was almost 12 O clock in the night.
Tharang was staying in Chennai for his work. His native place was in Villupuram.
His parents stayed there. He decided to go to Villupuram to take treatment.

Though there were hospitals in Chennai, he wanted to be with his parents while treatment.

Hence he locked his apartment and got down to the streets.
The night was cold and he was not able to walk in an easy way.

His body was shivering in the cold and the stomach pain also disturbed him too much.

There were many street dogs barking here and there in a hotchpotch manner.

They created a lot of noise and some of the dogs ran towards Tharang.

Tharang got afraid and took a stick, which lay on the street.

He kept a strong hold of the stick and used it to make the dogs run away from him.

He kept walking through this hardship and reached a nearby bus stop.

There he got an auto-rickshaw.

The driver asked, “Where do you need to go?”
Tharang said, “Please leave me in guindy”

The driver saw him suffocating.
The driver asked, “What is the problem sir?”

Tharang answered, “I am not feeling well”
The driver said,”Oh, Ok”

The auto had a clear road to drive through as it was a midnight.

The auto reached Guindy and Tharang got down of the auto.

He paid him off.

The level of Stomach pain of Tharang did not decrease.
A government bus arrived at the Guindy bus stop. It got headed towards Neyveli.

All Neyveli Buses have to cross Villupuram.
Hence he got into the bus.

The conductor saw him sick and asked, “Sir, what happened?”
Tharang said, “I am not feeling well”

The Conductor asked, “Can you travel?”
Tharang said, “Yes”

Chapter 2: The Hospital

Tharang’s stomach pain increased and reached its largest level.

The bus was moving in the dark night.

The stomach bulged due to gas and he had a pain and burning sensation in his chest.

He was losing his balance.

His thoughts now changed to seek a doctor’s help on an urgent basis.

As the bus was moving in the dark, the next town was Melmaruvathur.

Tharang knew that Melmaruvathur had a 24 hour Hospital facility.

So, he thought of getting down there.

It was around 2 O Clock when the Bus reached Melmaruvathur.

Tharang got down the bus at Melmaruvathur.

He was almost in a critical condition.

He took an auto to reach the Hospital.

At that time, there was no duty doctor available.

Only a duty nurse was available.

Tharang explained his problem to her.

She diagnosed him and found that he was suffering from the gastric problem.

The level has increased too much and that is why he had too much trouble.

She then discussed with her duty doctor through the telephone.

Then as per the doctor’s advice, she gave an injection in his blood vessel.

Then she took Tharang to the nearest ward and laid him down there.

Tharang got a good sleep there.

She said, “Sir, you will be alright, don’t worry”
Tharang slept.

Tharang woke up at 4.30 a.m., he found himself in a better position.

The Nurse came again at that time and asked, “Sir, How do you feel now?”

Tharang said, “I feel Better madam”
Nurse said,”Ok please take rest, I will come afterward”

She got back to her workplace.
Tharang enjoyed the beauty of the nurse at that time.

By Morning 6.30 a.m., Tharang woke up and now he felt confident of walking by himself.

He walked and went to the nurse’s room.
The Nurse asked, “Sir, are you alright?”

Tharang said, “Yes Madam”
The nurse said, “Please take rest sir”

Tharang said, “No Madam, I need to go to Villupuram”
The Nurse said,”Oh I see”

Tharang said,” I will make my move madam”

The Nurse said,”Ok Sir, take care; please have some light coffee or milk before travel”

Tharang said, “Sure madam, I will”
Tharang moved away from the Hospital.

He was not able to forget the face of the Nurse. It made him make a smile.

Chapter 3: The Cabin of the Nurse

After, Tharang left the place, at 7 O clock, the telephone on the table of the nurse rang.

The Nurse answered, “Hello”
The other end said, “Hello darling, this is Sharath”

The Nurse said, “Hello darling, why are you not coming to see me these days?”

Sharath said, “I have a lot of Work my darling”
The nurse said,”Oh! If you have a lot of work, then you will forget me?”

Sharath said, “Sorry dear”
The nurse said, “Last night, I saved a guy”

Sharath said, “Bingo, great, what was the case?”

The Nurse said, “The guy had serious gastric trouble, and he had vomited blood and got blood in stools”

Sharath said,”Oh is it so?”

The nurse answered, “Yes man”
Sharath said, “Then, how is he now?”

The nurse said, “He is fine, he has left”

Sharath said, “Left the place, how could he leave your place?”

The nurse said, “I don’t know”

Sharath said, “Maybe he is a good guy”

The Nurse said, “I don’t think so, I saw his eyes, it had a light of romance”

Sharath said,”Oh my god, you are a great Judge”

The Nurse said, “Hello, this is my duty hour”

Sharath said,”Oh My god you are Duty Conscious, Ok bye”

The Nurse said,”Ok Bye, call me later”