Usually people who work in offices of Metropolitan cities, have a hobby of playing weekend sports. In this story, one of the character invites his colleague for a friendly cricket match. What happens next is the tale.


Chapter 1: The weekend plan
Rishikesh was working as an assistant manager in Consulting Burger Company.

He had an immediate supervisor by name Dhanrath.
Dhanrath was a friendly manager in the office.

Rishikesh was a good learner in the office.
Dhanrath was three years older than Rishikesh. Dhanrath had obtained skills, which always made the office grow.

Rishikesh gave his full efforts for all the projects.

There was a tight competition in work between both of them.

As Dhanrath had a little more experience than Rishikesh, he had a good clarity while doing the job.

It was Saturday afternoon; Dhanrath and Rishikesh were sitting in their table.

They were working on a project.

Dhanrath asked,”Rishikesh, are you free tomorrow?”
Rishikesh replied, “Yes sir, what is the plan?”

Dhanrath said, “My old colleagues have arranged for a cricket match”

Rishikesh said,”Oh, I see”
Dhanrath said, “Would you like to join us to play?”

Rishikesh said,”Oh, yes, I love cricket”

Dhanrath said,” Then come to the Military Quarters playground near Guindy”

Rishikesh said,”Oh sure sir, at what time I should be there?”

Dhanrath said, “You should be there by 7 O clock in the morning”

Rishikesh said,”Ok sir, I will be there”

Dhanrath said, “Please don’t let others in our office know about this match”

Rishikesh said,”Ok sir, I will”


Chapter 2: The Cricket Match

On Sunday, Rishikesh reached the cricket ground by sharp 7 O clock.

Dhanrath and his colleagues were also present on the ground.

Since Rishikesh was new to those colleagues, Dhanrath introduced each of them to him.

They were 20 in number. One of Dhanrath’s close friends Selvam was also present in the team.

They segregated the total number of people into two different teams.

Rishikesh and Dhanrath were in opposite teams.

Selvam and Rishikesh, both were playing on the same team.

Dhanrath’s team won the toss and decided to play.

At the beginning, two of Dhanrath’s friends were batting in the field and

Dhanrath watched their play.

They scored well, until the third over.

The fourth over got bowled by Rishikesh.

Rishikesh took the first wicket by making the player bowled out.

The next player was Dhanrath and he took over the batting pitch.

The eyes of Rishikesh and Dhanrath met.

At that time, Dhanrath saw a vengeance in the eyes of Rishikesh.

Dhanrath did not know the reason for the vengeance.

But Dhanrath thought, “He is just my junior”

Rishikesh ran and bowled his ball. It was a fast bowled ball.

The ball pitched a few feet before Dhanrath and hit his left leg’s knee point.

“Amah!” shouted Dhanrath and fell down on the ground.

Blood oozed out of his knees.

All the boys came running towards Dhanrath.

There was a muscular tear in his knees, and Dhanrath was not able to tolerate the pain.

The boys took him to a nearby two wheeler parking area.

There they made him rest.

One of the boys did first aid for him.

Rishikesh was standing before Dhanrath.

Dhanrath asked, “What Mr. Rishikesh, How many days you had this desire?”

Rishikesh said, “Sir, I don’t have any desire, it was just an accident”

Dhanrath said, “I know that I was just kidding”

Rishikesh said, “Sorry sir, I spoiled your game”

Dhanrath said, “You people can go and continue the game, I will leave after some time”

Rishikesh said,”Ok sir, please go to Hospital”

Dhanrath said, “Sure, I will”

The boys went to continue their game.

After some time, Dhanrath left the place.


Chapter 3: Rishikesh’s Home

After completing the cricket match, Rishikesh came home by afternoon.

He went and washed his legs and ate lunch which got prepared by his mother.

Then he went to his bedroom to take rest.

Rishikesh’s phone rang at that time.

Rishikesh answered the phone, “Hello”

The Other end said, “Hello Rishikesh, This is Sharath”

Rishikesh said, “Yes Sharath sir, tell me”

Sharath said, “Congratulations, you have injured my enemy Dhanrath”

Rishikesh said, “Sir, it is my duty”

Sharath said,”Anyways, You are great”

Rishikesh said, “You have promised me to get a promotion”

Sharath said, “I will do it, don’t worry”

Rishikesh said, “Also, this Dhanrath if he is present in our office, I will not get any promotion”

Sharath said, “I will help you in whatever decision you make”

Rishikesh said, “Thank you, sir”

Sharath said, “I will send Rs.10, 000/- to your bank account as a free gift”

Rishikesh asked, “Why sir?”

Sharath said, “You have injured him, right”

Rishikesh said, “Sir, it is just for our friendship”

Sharath said, “No! No! You have risked your public profile in this case”

Rishikesh said,”Ok, I will accept your gift, please send me”

Sharath said,”Ok, I will, please keep the secret within you”

Rishikesh said, “Sure sir, I won’t let it out”

Sharath said,”Ok bye, take care”
Rishikesh said,”Ok bye”