It was before 5 years, when I heard the word ‘Gigolo’ for the first time – ” Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” . I was fascinated. I googled to see an indefinite list of “offers” for hot sex.   He is the one who can sell even his feelings for money… I dreamt of him,the gigolo … That was all a school going single child of the “too loving parents” could do.

Now that 16 year old child has become a 21 year old adult, a self- standing , well employed young woman.

Yeah, yesterday I called  a gigolo… The musculine hello on the other side was followed by a long story of his adventures and successes..

“Can you be my brother?”

Silence was the answer.

 “I can pay you!”

Again silence answered my question.

This day morning I got his call. This time also the  answer was silence, but  that silence answered everything.