One, two, three, four, five Annie counted the coins from her little hands and then would keep them aside. But the issue was that when she starts the other round of counting coins she just forgets the one she counted before. It was a tough task for her. So by encouraging herself, again she would start counting up to five and then keep them aside. Doing this many-a-times, the piles of coins were generated and she very cutely keep saying to his mom, Elia” Look the buildings of money”.

I was looking my 7-year-old girl for a very long time that how she was engrossed in a little beautiful activity. Suddenly, I heard the voice of the vegetable vendor, so I went outside to get some vegetables. The vegetable vendor didn’t have the lose money. I was short of five rupees, therefore I drew out some money from the coin piles which my daughter was making. My daughter Annie didn’t like this activity. ‘Why did you drew out money?’ while saying this she started weeping and raised a great clamor.

I realized that I was in a huge trouble. I managed to find out some coins from wherever in the house. After finding I gave her the coins, but she denied. With her teary eyes she kept looking at me and said, ” These coins are not my coins.” I tried to convince her somehow and gave her 50 rupees note, even after making all this she wasn’t convinced. She never allow anyone to touch her coins. She wanted to compile all her coins together and wanted a Barbie set. Wherever she would find a coin in home, she would rush to the coin, and within no time the coin would land in her piggy bank.

It was Thursday, which was my wedding anniversary day, but me and my husband had a fight on that day due to some silly reason. The atmosphere of whole house was sad. We were having a debate , at that moment Annie came and said, “Mom and dad close your eves.” We closed our eyes in an offended way. She kept the two gifts on our hands separately, and her words were full of love when she said, “Happy Anniversary”. Our anger vanished at that moment only. Following this we hugged her. We asked her, ” From where did you got this huge amount of money?” She said, One day me and mom went to the beauty and products shop which is nearest to the colony, and there my mom told me that she wanted to buy this perfume set, but it is too costly, so I will buy it some other day. That is why I bought that perfume only for both of you. You both always keep buying something or the other for everyone, but when you buys something that you liked very much and wanted it since very long?

I rushed to the kitchen to get some sweets for her. What I saw there in the kitchen made be surprised, my eyes got filled with tears. The was her piggy bank which was broken and pieces were scattered at one side of the kitchen. I was deeply moved by her compassion. Annie was behind me she said, “Mom I broke my piggy bank and took all the money from it.

I thought everyday she would do an uphill battle to collect each coin, it was a very tough job. And she spend all that money on us, instead she would everyday build new dreams that what would she buy from this money. She would use to say, “I would buy a toy set, a doll, kitchen set or a Barbie set, and sometimes this that and would used to linger on. But on that day, her wishes, her piggy bank had become goose eggs in in front of mom and dad’s wishes. I was very touched and overwhelmed by all this. I started sobbing and gave her a kiss.

A child’s mind is so pure that they always do these kind of adorable things. The adults cannot think like children, but the children always climb up a mountain without any hesitation.