“What is your body type?”

An interesting question but most of the people feel insecure  and lack their confidence while answering it. WHY?

A hot yet very sensitive term to understand, BODY SHAMING!

World is full of criticism. No doubt, youngsters are demoralised and are taking the path of death to give their vows.

“They tell me I’m overweight, okay! They tell me I’m skinny, okay! They tell me I’m short, okay! They tell me I’m black, okay! They tell me I’m white! I’M OKAY, with everything!” But then our society isn’t. It’ll go on pulling the soul of a person to the depth of his odds.

We live in 21st century and still talk about shapes and sizes of humankind.

There are hundreds of massacres to be resolved but still people are interested to tell  you about your BODY SHAPE.

Girls who are fat cannot wear bikinis. Boys who are short cannot wear suits. Wow! Isn’t it great to hear that our body type will decide our clothing and not our choice. Why every dress needs to be perfect? Why can’t one just adapt it and flaunt stylishly?

You know what the worst part is, even the body parts and the complexion is a taboo. The one which we have been gifted by god is too a problem to them.

Having a bouncy ass is a problem. Having big boobs is a problem. Having small eyes is a problem. Having grinned teeth is a problem. Having acne is a problem. Having looped ears is a problem. Having uneven complexion in your intimate area is a problem.

Well, our bodies were massaged this way when we were kids. Our genetics decide the shape of our sensory organs. We ate tasty food when we were young. And why does complexion matter? If your partner isn’t comfortable with your flaws, why he/she is even your partner?

We judge people on their bodies and not on who they are as a person. We are so busy in bullying and making fun of others that we’re forgetting the struggle of every individual to survive on his own.

Why can’t we see the good in their hearts and brains?

Why bodies at first place?

What leaves behind when we die, Our sexy figures or the solemn hearts?