Priya is a beautiful married woman in her early 30s, her husband Vivek being a reputed businessman dealing with construction. They have a son named Raghu who is 9 years old. Besides them, their family consists of Vivek’s parents and a permanent maid.

Priya has her parents residing in South Delhi, and after her marriage, she is staying in a posh bungalow at the heart of Delhi.

Vivek’s parents are very modern and believe in pushing their current generation to explore their skills. Priya wants to take teaching as a profession in a good school, and therefore, shares her desire with her husband and father-in-law.

Vivek understands the need of an alternative source of income as his business is just like a game of chess – anything can happen anytime. So for the sake of the stability of finance, he too had the same feeling beforehand. On the other hand, Vivek’s parents are reluctant and rigid to the idea of working now because even though they were not conservative in their thoughts, they felt Kevin should be taken care as he is still not a teenager. He’ll be in need of care and attention in his academics. These points that the in-laws presented before her didn’t go quite well in her head. Priya didn’t take it in the right way; she thinks that the elderly people are not well versed with the today s stance. She thinks that they have lived their life, but somehow restraining her from progressing further.

She picks up the point and starts fighting with Vivek. Vivek being an understanding husband listens to her woes and tries to explain her the reasons for the stubborn reply from his parents. Priya takes it as an ego issue and decides to go beyond the wishes of the family. She prepares a CV for herself and submits it to various schools across Delhi.

After few weeks, Priya receives a telephonic call from a prestigious school for the selection interview. She gets excited and shares her joy with her mother. She decided not to tell this news to her current family as she felt she will be forced to drop the plan.

The interview went as per her expectations and she got her dream job. The date of joining arrived at last. She had been deeply waiting for this day. She gets up early that morning, prepares breakfast for Raghu and her husband and is about to leave her house. Vivek had a questioning look on Priya’s face and asks her where is she up to. Priya replied that she had to visit a friend’s home to discuss the Yoga classes they were planning to attend. Seeing her stuttering out of confusion, he felt something was fishy. He told her to tell the truth.

Now Priya was blank, she was guilty of not disclosing her appointment as a teacher. She gave him the complete description. And what she finds is that Vivek is so happy for her that he hugs and kisses her on her forehead. Then he goes to his parents and tells them that Priya has got a teaching job and she told me two days back and it was he who forgot to tell them!. When Priya hears this from the other room, there were tears in her eyes. She hugged Vivek and felt sorry for hiding so important news from him, and still, he overlooked it without a tinge of anger.

This incident made her realize that TRUST, which is the most rigid foundation for a happy family should not be compromised whatever be the trial.