Its just the things to be finely reviewed before getting into a change of religion. This story is actually an article with an idea of revealing the supremacy of Hinduism.

I always wonder why few people change their religion!!  That too, mostly from Hinduism. There are really very few records for the people who have converted from other religions to Hinduism. Rather, the rate of conversion of folk from Hinduism to other religions, is truly increasing at a greater pace over the years. Is it the flaw with the rules of Hinduism that helps them leave their religion of birth and convert to something else or is it that the talent of those so-called spiritual heads of other religion that makes them speak in an attractive way so that they add up population to their religion strengthening it.

I do not want to blame the other religions or mock at their Gods, rather I don’t want anyone to change their religion of birth. There are miracles happening with the Gods of each of the religion, yet, it is not necessary that we should change ours just because miracles happen in the other. It is all about faith that makes miracles happen. When you have the faith in other God and is ready to convert yourself into it, why don’t you  have the same faith in yours and pray hard so that you be blessed with your needs. It’s a point to be agreed that prayers are always answered and there is nothing that could be changed from being blessed.

I tried to resolve this issue and found few truths. The very first thing that came into my mind is that Hinduism does not implement any rules on its followers such as a compulsion to go to temple, a restriction on entering the temples of others, an implementation on the costumes to be worn, the rituals to be followed, and so on. Even in Hinduism, there are instructions on costumes and preaches to be followed daily, but they are not subjected to compulsion and it is we who have stopped following them over time. Still, we don’t have any punishment for not following the rules in Hinduism. Next, Hinduism is vast spread in our Nation over years, in the history and it actually does not need anyone to make it popular in our sands. Hence, there is actually no necessity to implement any rules to maintain the religion.

Turning back to the pages of history, Hindu Gods have actually been closer to people. There are poetic evidences where great poets, with strong spiritual faith, have experienced the Dharshan of God in their lives and have reached heaven due to their faith. Moreover, the Lord himself have lived on this Earth on many occasions, the so-called plays of the Lord. Lord makes miracles happen in the life of people, in order to make them happy rather than making them believe his existence.

Yes, Faith can make things happen. There are really no prayers left unanswered. The only thing is that, the Lord answers your prayers only when the right time comes. It is our duty and pleasure to have patience and Faith in Lord and let our prayers to be answered.

An overview of the various epics and myths show that the preaching of all the religions are almost the same such as the respect to elders, faith in Lord, Humanity, Equality, Humbleness, Love, etc. in some way or the other, on the whole, all religions preach the same about life on this world. But, we don’t understand this very basic point and differentiate the religions on the basis of the images and names of the Lords. GOD is one.

The very basic necessity for the theme of LORD is unity and faith in the Supreme Power.

It is even good to follow those people who say there is actually “NO GOD”. There is no God, it is just the supremacy that exists above all human powers, the power that cannot be controlled, the power in some words called the fate.

But on the other hand, the faith in Lord has some deeper senses in it. There are evidences, for the supreme power existed in some forms, LORD, and has made miracles and blessings for those who believed. So it is actually our choice to believe in Lord or not. My point of argument inside is that when you are ready to trust the Lord through the words of others, why cant you just trust the Lord insisted for you right from your birth!! It is an endless argument to change religion from one to the other, yet it doesn’t have any valid reason.

The overall point to be demarcated is that the society has lost its due to reason out things before they could adopt other’s thoughts and adapt themselves to others views.

Note: The reasons to expose the supremacy of Hinduism among various religions are yet to be revealed in the next parts of my story.