The story sets in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. A family lived happily there. Ram with his wife Riya lived with their son Rohan. They had shifted from a village to town for employment, to earn money, better facilities and education for their son. Their parents lived in a village so Ram with his family visited  frequently in village. His parents lived in their ancestor’s home.

Ram loved his parents a lot. He wanted them to live along with him in his rented  house in the town but they never agreed. They were happy seeing Ram’s progress but never wanted to leave their ancestor’s home. They had a special attachment to it. They always said that Ram or any of their future generation’s kid will never get to know  the feeling of living in that house. It was blessed and the memories they shared in that house were unforgettable. Ram  understood the same but he thought nothing could be done to the progress of that Village. Every man must go to the town in order to have a  better life.


Rohan was growing gradually. Though he belonged to a middle class family, his parents paid great attention to his studies because they wanted him to  do something extraordinary. They believed in his potential. Since childhood,  he was  very creative. He had his own ways of doing things. He had a great imagination too.

He made paintings that he visualized, did arts and crafts by learning them from friends  and wherever he could.  He was good at writing too. He could always write what he felt like. His parents supported him in whatever activity he was put into. And the best  thing was he did every work  with dedication.

Rohan loved his grandparents a lot.  He made beautiful cards for them to gift them on occasions specially grandparents day and visited their house in vacations. He was inspired by the lifestyle of his grandparents. He wanted to improve the condition Of the people living in that village. He wanted that the facilities that were provided  and easily available to the citizens should be accessible to the villagers too so that  people won’t have to settle in big cities and towns. He learnt in the environmental studies about the urbanization and it’s consequences mainly deforestation that is a very big concern and threat to ecology.

He thought that some step must be taken by him to turn his dream into reality. He told about this to his parents and they were really supportive because even Ram wanted his parents to be happy. He wanted to live with them but the problem was quite clear.

Rohan topped in his board exams and he got a scholarship from the state  government. That scholarship amount given to him was utilized for the developmental  activities in his village. After that he did graduation in science followed by post graduation.  He had a great opportunity of joining ISRO as part of a research program. He was so good in all the projects that the organization wanted him to be part of their team. This was one of the toughest choices of his life because he had to choose between his dream and success. He had initially thought that he would return to his village and work for best quality of education for children who are the future of nation. It was a very great opportunity for him to earn money and have  a comfortable lifestyle in city.

In such  a situation, he asked his parents to advice him. They wanted him to go for the project as it was for his progress. He followed their advise.

He joined ISRO within  a month. While he was getting paid for it, he sent half of  his salary to his parents  for  spending in village development. Ram and his family were proud of him. They opened a hospital where experienced doctors worked. All the medical facilities were available to the people living in that village. The neighboring villagers were

Also helped by them. Two schools were opened out of which one was primary and the other was for higher education. Rohan visited his parents in the village to check  out the progress in village.

He was really happy to see the betterment of the village. Ram and his wife shifted to the village. Ram took over the charge of looking after construction work in village. Rohan continued to  work in the organization as it was for country’s development.


He had professional as well as financial growth while doing  work. Rohan after some years was married to a girl living in that area. She was a social worker. Even she devoted her whole life in the service of mankind. The whole family set a great example of selfless service and their efforts must be respected. In a society, one must work towards  the development of their area and hence contributing towards the Nation’s progress. Every  citizen must be inspired to work for social causes and make world a better place to live in for themselves then as well as the future generation.