This story is my first hand experience of the unmatched power of our Mind. This instrument beholds the ability to shape our destiny. It is rightly said that our life is a representation of our own thoughts. 

Through this story , I have shared a personal experience wherein my own negative thinking led to the appearance of a disease that shook me to the core and how a mere change in perspective made me come out of it in no time. I have highlighted the importance of just BEING AWARE of the mind and using your intelligence to overpower its negativity. 

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Life is a constant learning process, if we fail to learn, we fail to live.

 I was never the kind of person who would go out of the way to think and ponder about life and its mysterious ways but, as they say, even thoughts were destined to break through the walls of your mind to fulfill a greater purpose. Hence, circumstances led me to thinking more about what life is, what is the purpose and a lot more questions that still ring the bells in my mind .

Yes, I have not hitherto received a major breakthrough in silencing my mind but definitely something has changed since the time I have brought my attention to this mysterious tool called "mind". Among many instances that made me aware of its complexities, there is a first-hand experience that actually made me believe in the tremendous power that this instrument beholds. Around one and a half years ago, I was facing continuous breathing problems with heaviness in my chest area. Doctors diagnosed nothing major, but due to prolonged problem in my breath and terrible uneasiness in the chest, I assumed that i might be suffering from a serious illness. I began surfing the internet and came across so many deadly and incurable diseases that perfectly matched my state of health. Day and night , i kept thinking" what if my doubts turn into reality, what if I have to undergo the torture, what if there is no cure", etc. etc. etc. With such thoughts, the emotions of fear, regret, guilt, lack crept in and in no time I turned into a depressed painful soul wailing and crying sitting at the corner of my bed and the doors of my room locked. This was the time when all my sense of logic was lost and i succumbed to my thoughts and emotions. Despite the constant counseling by doctors that they did not foresee any major threat, i kept on doubting their diagnosis and believing my own irrational mind.

Mind makes a habitual to and fro movement between the past and future like a pendulum. As a result, we are saddened by the past which has gone by and fearful about the future which is just another imagination and fail to see the reality that lies in this moment.

Well would you like to guess what happened after i spent 3-4 months thinking, imagining, and mourning over such things?

I actually developed a lump in my chest area. Yes, you heard it right. What I had believed in for so many months imagining it to be true was now showing its colours. This is the power of thoughts, the power of mind.

It is true for both negative and positive thinking. That was the day when I actually realized what is meant by "Life is the reflection of your own thoughts".  Well this time I resorted to prayers and positivity and by God's grace the lump subsided and there was no surgery required also.

Since the incident I have become more aware to the technicalities of my mind and have realized that it can be the most cunning and misleading if not given attention to.SO threat lies not from somewhere outside but from our own Mind. Let us put forward the first step and just be aware without any judgments and beliefs. Let us look at these mind games as a witness and use our intelligence to overpower the mind in such situations.

For as far as life is concerned, intellect is required to make it while a wavering mind is enough to break it!