Keats justly wrote : “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. William Wordsworth, the celebrated “nature” poet wrote immensely on this theme. The protagonist of this story too relates her life in a very lucid, yet, beautiful manner to the beautiful nature. Nature, after all, is the most beautiful thing that the human eye can behold.


The sky was a shade of deep azure that day, very pleasant and beautiful, synchronizing perfectly with the warm summer air, creating all over the scene a pretty poetic ambience. This scene was happily in similarity with the mood of Miss Naomi Spence, as she sat in the terrace of the hotel, signing autographs after lunch.

Five long years she has been a celebrated writer, with seven novels to her credit. By this time she had got adjusted to the city life, and of course living in the heart of London had a lot to do with it. She had also got used to giving out talks now – talks on her life, how she became a writer, what inspires her and so on and so forth on all those sorts of clichéd themes. But this never bored her. In fact, organizers always found her active for participation. She never missed a chance to tell how she enjoyed her childhood and what inspired her to write. The story was nothing extra-ordinary or filled with extensive drama; it was indeed commonplace and has been probably shared by others writers as well, but nonetheless interesting.

Born in the family of farmers, her childhood had seen nothing else but the Nature in the countryside. She had watched it, grown with it and had learned to love it.

Day in and day out she would run out of her house, a happy cheerful girl, sometimes sitting on a log to go gazing at the horizon where the blue of the river and sky could never be distinguished; and at other times talking to various objects of her interest, be it the tree or the shingles on the river bed. She was fascinated by the blue waters, the different shades of greens all around, the soft brown of the squirrels and dogs, silver of the fishes, the golden sunlight, the multicoloured flowers and the array of shades visible in the sky at sunrise and sunset. In short, nature was to her an artist’s colour palette.

And it was obvious that she was never a good student. In the school too, she used to gaze out and let her imagination run wild. It was the first time in school that she had wanted to pencil (for they used pencils then) down her thoughts for the first time.

She felt an urge to write down, write as long as her heart sang the pleasures, her mind continued to see the beauty.

And this she continued to do till date. Yes, she generally placed the events of her novels to occur in the lap of nature. Thus, she came to be celebrated as the ‘nature-loving novelist’, which pleased her immensely.  And, thus were people’s questioned answered – nature to her was her motivation, inspiration and how she came about to write.

Today’s autograph signing session was coming to an end. After a busy day, her attendant now came to take her to her room. Tomorrow she was launching her latest novel, so she had to go, see to the preparations. This book too contained in its pages, the enchantments of nature. Nature was a kaleidoscope to her, through which she saw its exuberant colours, moods, attributes, to all of which she shall always remain thankful.


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