CC: Conquers of the Great Mount Olympus and the guardians of the three worlds are amongst us today. I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude towards you for sparing time for us.

(Hades aside: Not that there is much to do in the underworld)

CC: So to the three Big Brothers, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades I extend my warm welcome. The men of your kingdom have questions in store for you. Today we will put before you a handful of the questions they have. So here is the first one, this one is for all of you in general , how does it feel like to be the king of three kingdoms?

Zeus: Power is what I always wanted. It feels powerful and influential. We brothers suffered great injustice from our father, Cronus.

Poseidon: It is liberating to serve the masses. I feel responsible towards my people and want to be at their service at all times.

Hades: Umm…the Underworld serves to me as wonderful opportunity to reflect on the wrongs done to me by my brothers. (Looking aside to his brothers) No offense meant bros. But don’t you think, brother Zeus that it is unfair that you get all the pretty maidens and I am left with the dark. I am the eldest born. Mount Olympus was my right.

Zeus: (Agitated) don’t you talk about “pretty maidens’ when you have no idea how difficult it is to manage them.

CC: I think we would move on to the next question. So my next question is directed to you Lord Zeus. What does the sky feel like? And how does Queen Hera find it?

Zeus: Sky is my home and I love it with all my heart. Though sometimes I do find it a little mundane because of its monotonous nature. It is on these occasions I play a little with the weather. Crashing of clouds and playing with light rays is my favorite past time. Though I work up on my aim and shooting skill by striking a lightning. It is really funny when it goes on to strike someone’s ass. (laughs heartily)

CC: Haha (hesitantly) . Well our next question is to you Lord Poseidon. How do you manage to control all the sea beasts? And we all have just heard about sea monsters do they really exist?

Poseidon: I love my sea and its inhabitants. I am their lord and they my subjects. But apart from this relationship we share another very special one that is our love for the waters. I relate to them and they respect me. So it’s not that I control them but they just abide by me. About my sea monsters, well all I can say is that some secrets should lay buried in the heart of the oceans. Waves carry messages in languages unknown yet known to the world. Sea monsters are similarly one such mystery of the oceans.

CC: I am sure you just got all of us more curious about what lies beneath those powerful waves. Thank you so much Lord for your answer. Lord Hades here is my question to you. Why is that you have cut the links with your brothers as well as the rest of the world?

Hades: After having received the underworld as my share, I trust no one but Cerberus. I cut the links with rest of the world so that I can be in my domain in peace. My helmet of infinity serves me well when I do want to visit the upper world. You see there is not much to do when your wife is away for six months. (Shrugs his shoulders)

CC: So, here is my last question for the day. Which of the three worlds do you think is the most critical?

Zeus: Are you seriously asking me that question, girl. Ofcourse it’s the sky and air.

Poseidon: I think brother you are being a little selfish there it’s the water, my lady.

Hades: I don’t wish to answer the question. But nevertheless I will put before you a question what do you think will happen to the rest of the three worlds if all of the dead were to remain haunting them there.

Zeus: (With fierceness) Think before you speak!!

Poseidon: I am not going to take this!! (draws his sword)

CC: Peace, my lords, peace. I think this will be the end of this interview. Thanks for reading.