There new is an associate out this cosmos,

An inarticulate partisan with whom I seek refuge,

An imperceptible permeation to testify consolation.

A compeer conjured by sanguine imagination.

Someone to Succour me, to motivate me to strive,

When tangible individuals relinquish my vitality-

Forces who survive in bubbles of self-

And cosmopolitan acquaintance declares session.

When I am beleaguered by spells of despondency.

I turn to ardent fancy, an illusory confidante,

To speculate the world from a fresh perspective

To be circumscribed in the folds of fantasy.

Of a sodality so sublime, vacantly induced

From a Quixotic Whim, a fairy-tale amity,

In the alienated, hostile human world.

A friend, though suscitated from figment.