It is a massive world and the sheath is massive as well. The sky makes many feel exuberant, the sky gives many a reason to think, many a reason to dream, and many a reason to smile. It is not peculiar to find an individual lying on the grass and gazing at the sky. It does not take much to look up and dream your way into space. Most people do so but with better perspective and an idea of being contended with their desires rushes into their minds while they happily wander about into the dreamy lands of joy and satisfaction, and then suddenly everything is ripped apart because they remember the world they live in. We live in a beautiful world but the things we go through whether good or bad pollutes our capability to understand and hereby go ahead in life. It is a very hazy outlook one might visualize but it exists.

We all have done this one deed- looked up at the sky and tried to form animal figures with the clouds. It was one of the most fun part growing up.

The sky always speaks, always. Every kid has wondered what lies beyond those clouds, what stays beyond foamy structures of wind and storm, those colorful yet deceitful scenes! Space which is said to be vacuum seems to be in despair itself because the camouflage which the sky gives to the space is inexplicably wonderful. No one knows for sure the world beyond that sky, though with time we are getting familiar with most of the facts of the outer space. Our sky is familiar with the people beneath it. Our sky escapes any particular emotion and thereby portrays each and every emotion through its colors. Similar is the story of a town which was famous for its coal mines.

It was the town of Coalton, most men in the town made money by working as miners in the coal mines located around and in the outskirts of the town. All miners were very particular about their work and they were extremely hard-working. Coalton’s women also were included into the refining of coal for the various uses in different fields. The miners worked whenever necessary, they went to work at the first siren which was blown at 5 in the morning everyday. Coalton had been a home to a handful of people but they were all happy people.

Though there was satiation amongst the people and their trust for each other was pure still the nature wasn’t kind to these people. The sky once looked upon these people, it was the dawn of an early November a year! It was a meteor which hit one of the coal mines, and there was destruction, there was misery all around, all at once. The same happy faces were now dimmed with melancholy and grief and they were not like that because there was fire all around but it was the distant sky which made the, perceive such loss. It was hard but they did feel a lot different after that. After that day no man or woman in Coalton never looked upto the sky with those hopeful eyes, they looked up with fear!