There is a popular saying that add life to days not days to life. This sounds good but practically I realised this only when I met these people from Darjeeling and Nepal.

Our North Indian people and also people from Nepal are really charming and polite when it comes to communication . Their talks practically show how much importance they give to the other person while they talk . They have respect in their eyes everytime for other people.

So a group of people are selling Momos in New Mumbai. All these people are from Darjeeling and some from Nepal. They don’t have enough money to open shops in a costly city like New Mumbai. So they sell their special dish Momos along the roadside . People have already started craving for their momos and as expected they became quite famous as they were the only one to sell the perfect momos in New Mumbai as it is their special dish back home.

One day when I went to try these momos I was really amazed to see that they now have huge baskets filled with chicken momos,veg momos and every variety of it . They have become quite famous by now . I ordered some chicken momos and they were just delicious and perfect hot and spicy. They had their own sauce with it. I paid for my dish and just asked one of them that what’s so good about your momos that have become so famous here?. He replied all of them didn’t have anything to do better in life. “Some of us wanted to study but in North India there are not as many opportunities as in Mumbai ,he said.”

I asked him how do all of them feel by selling just momos to survive and not being able to conquer  their dreams?  I got an unexpected answer. I thought he will say all of them are really sad and we miss our goals but instead he said we all are really happy. “Yes we have’nt conquered our dreams and the reasons are many which does make us feel sad everyday but practically life is something different everyday for us, he said.” “Life is not easy if you are just a roadside food seller. But we don’t take it in negative way now. We are always thankful for every single moment of our life, he said with a cheeky smile on his face” When asked what makes  you all satisfied with life he said that they all don’t think about the future a lot. Thinking a lot about the future makes you forget the present ,obviously and we are really enjoying our present even after having just momos to survive. Most people want to become rich which is good but happiness is also found when you are just a momos seller.

We believe everyday to be a fresh life . After a tiring day we all headback to our rented rooms and we talk only positive to each other. No matter what we have never given upon life .

When we were in our hometown no one was knowing us but at least after coming to Mumbai all our customers know us by our faces and the taste of our momos. Yes that’s not a big achievement but still it gives us happiness. Every other thing is inside you so is happiness and that happiness has been unlocked by our positive talks and positive vision of life. I was really glad to hear it that even if you are way behind the race your hope of good life should never be given away.

One day they all proved their vision of happiness again . Their carts of momos were demolished by the CIDCO police as it was illegal to occupy the footpaths for individual purpose. After a few days all of them were seen again at a different place selling the same thing on footpaths. Knowing that tomorrow the police can throw their carts out again they are still smiling and earning happiness everyday without worrying about the future. They now know that even if their carts are thrown away their hopes of good life will add more life in the coming days.