Not just humans, even this doll has a heart too. She is there by your side when you need her but where do you disappear when she is the one that wants you to be present? Someone’s love is not a raincoat that you slip on when there is a storm.


The rest of the day and the night weren’t any less eventful but the next morning was too equally or I would say even more dreadful. I heard the sweeper cleaning the floor while earplugs in his ears buzzed a beautiful song. I saw his footsteps approach towards me. He gave me a disgusted look and without even passing another glance threw me in the trash bin. It was so dark in there. I had no one to talk to but only rubbish touching my whole body. Where was Meghna? Why hasn’t she come to rescue me from this stinky world?

The sweeper threw the trash cans out of the building into a big green truck. It felt as if an earthquake had come and was twisting and turning me all around. I was being taken somewhere. Was I going to be on the receiving end of a churning fiery death? I had heard about all this from my other friends. They told me that when kids get bored of us, they throw and discard us and then we are sent to a far off place, a big, huge, humongous dump where we are shredded and finally burnt. But Meghna wasn’t bored of me. She did not abandon me. She might have just forgotten me or lost me. She did want to play with me and I equally wanted her to.

I was horrified at the thought of being transferred from a world which fragrances with love to a dump which stank of loneliness.

The wheels of the truck halted to a quick break on a red light. The driver took a right turn collecting more and more garbage and finally stopped at a fast food joint to grab his morning meal. He parked the truck in a side. I felt good when the warm sun rays touched my face. It gave me hope. My clothes were stained and my face was dirty. My hair was wet with juices and water poured over it. My left arm felt a little lose which caused me immense pain.

Breaking my thoughts away from self pitying, I heard giant footsteps coming nearer and loud teary noises. It was an enormous black giant, a dog, who had come looking for his treasure in the garbage truck. He sniffed my trash bag and tore it open. He gave me a good long glare and pulled me up in his mouth and jumped off the truck. Was he going to eat me?

He was moving towards a small place which I couldn’t make out properly as my head was turned the other way round. He had grabbed me from the same hand that was dreadfully paining. His saliva felt so sticky. I saw a child get scared of him and then a big fat man came from behind and shooed away. He threw a stone at him which alarmed it and he ran while shouting. I was up in the air and my landing was soft. Green cosy grass. I could now see the building in front of me very clearly and could easily make out that it was the ice cream parlour Meghna’s dad bought her to. Now it was only a wait to the weekend.