It’s a story of a newly wedded couple and the beginning of their new lives. It’s all about how they meet each other for the first time, and how they fall in love with each other. Its a story about how successful even Arrange marriages can be. Any relation will be successful only if theirs love, trust and respect in the relationship. Marriages open a new door to the beginning of a new relation. A beautiful relation! A relation of love.


Good morning, he wished her as he walked in her private room. He brought her a bed Tea, as he knew without bed tea her day never begins. She was brought up as princess at her house, they took utmost care to preserve her safe away from the world.

Kept in a nutshell she was always protected by her family. Now it was my turn to take care of her, and never make her realize that she’s at a new place or never let her be uncomfortable. Now she’s an integral part of my life and its my responsibility to make her life as beautiful as of a life of a queen sitting on throne. Today is her first day in her new house.

She looks so cute while sleeping, her curls falling down her rosy cheeks.

I could see her trying to hide herself from the striking sunrays peeping in through the window panes. Sitting next to your loved ones and watching them sleep so calm would surely attract you. I wonder what makes me fall for her every time I see her, I still remember the first time I met her. An official date it was! Our parents sent us to meet each other. Yeah I forgot to mention, ours was an Arranged marriage. Yeah it was arranged cum love marriage, for the reason I fell for her the first time I saw her. Her beautiful gesture and her impressive way of living flattered me on our first meeting itself. We met at a café house where she purposefully came in skin tight jeans and a bell bottom top with fringed hair and a messy look. Quite opposite to how we assume Indian brides on her first meeting. She was a girl of her choice, lived independently all her life.

We both exchanged a few views and our way of living. She wished to live in with her privacy even after wedding. I respected her decision of living independently even after wedding. While I was remembering our first date, I saw her struggling inside her sheets to hide from the sun rays. I wish I could let her sleep, but we have a plane to board. We were flying to Venice for our honeymoon. It was a holiday cum honeymoon sweet package gifted by my colleagues. We were so exhausted after the day long rituals and a lavish wedding ceremony that we almost thought about postponing journey. But our parents made us agree by explaining that it is only those  few days after the wedding which are most special days for any couple and they give memories to cherish lifelong.

Ultimately both of us agreed to it and packed our baggage for the early morning flight. Meanwhile I saw her staring at me, i didn’t even realize when she woke and since how long she has been starring at me while I was lost in my thoughts.  I wished her “Hey, Good morning!”

“Good morning, But why are you awake so early?” she whispered.

I guess she totally forgot about the flight. I said, “We have a flight to board in a couple of hours! The airport is quite far from here, and we need to start early”.

I could clearly sketch the tiredness in her face, but she woke and went to freshen up. Meanwhile I was waiting for her in the dining area. My hostel experiences of cooking helped me cook some light breakfast for her. Later she joined me for the breakfast. I could see how surprised she was to see the food served on the table. Their she was standing with a surprising expression and here am still glancing on how beautiful she was.

Every time I see her, she leaves me in a perplexed state. This time she was wearing a red sari, and she looked perfectly lavishing in her attire. We then drove along the roads of valley, heading the airport. It was winter season, the season of chills cum thrills. The mist covered the roads and the mountains far looked amazing midst of fog. It was just me and her and a never ending silence.

Though she didn’t uttered a single word, I could see how excited she was to watch such a beautiful serene. Among the frozen air and cold waves all I could feel is the warmth in our hearts. Though I was the silent prevailing thousands of words were shared through our eyes. I was a new beginning breathed into my life. Winter and he falling snow, none could grab my attention as much as her she did. So deeply I found myself engrossed in her thoughts, that I didn’t even realize when I drove along the way from home to airport. How beautiful the journey was, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without her. She has completed me, accepted me the way I was.

She’s tuenes my life into a beautiful fairy tale. It was the beginning of a new tale, a beautiful tale of my life.


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