Two friends of different characters finding difficult to survive in the world have their own philosophies. But any philosophy has an alternate opinion. This story explores about that alternate.


Chapter 1: Farooq’s Hard work

Farooq was a cobbler located in Saidapet. Farooq had his hut near the slum area of Saidapet. Farooq did not have any family. He did not know his father or mother.

He only knows that he is Farooq.
He doesn’t even know where he came from, but he was there in Saidapet.
He started assisting a cobbler named Rafiq from the age of 7.

Later after the death of Rafiq, Farooq worked on his own.

Before the age of 7, Farooq was wandering here and there without knowing his source of birth.

When he met Rafiq, he found a change in his life. Rafiq taught him a job for survival.

Rafiq gave the key for Farooq’s daily bread and butter.
But before Farooq thanking him, he got expired.

So, the process of thanksgiving was happening in the mind.
Now, Farooq was 21 years old and not married.

He did not know about relationships brought through a marriage.

Farooq did not aim for a marriage, he was just living his life without any aims.

Farooq’s small roadside shop was near saidapet railway station.
The cobbler business was not an easy one.

He will not have customer’s all the time. If he gets a revenue of Rs.100 per day, it is a big income for him.
Hence he used to keep savings of his earnings all the time, to face the ups and downs of his life.


Chapter 2: Selvan’s slow work

Selvan was a beggar who used to beg for alms at the Saidapet

Karaneeswarar Temple.

Selvan was an orphan. The beggars who were begging with him had some form of handicap in their body.

But Selvan was not a handicapped beggar. He was a beggar from childhood.

The story of Selvan is also like that of Farooq, but Selvan did not want to do any job for food.

Hence he begged all the time.From the point where Selvan begged, he would be able to see Farooq’s shop.

At times, Selvan would come to Farooq’s shop and sit with him.

Farooq and Selvan will be chatting with each other and they became friends.


That was a different combination of friendship – A beggar and a cobbler.

Farooq insisted Selvan on doing some job, which Selvan never accepted.

Later, Farooq understood that Selvan had his own opinions on life.

so he stopped insisting him in doing a job.

Selvan’s revenue per day was less than that of Farooq. He was able to make only 50 or 60 rupees per day.

Sometimes Selvan had to cry, dance and do all sorts of monkey strategies to reach his 50 rupee quota per day.

Farooq will be watching all the drama Selvan was doing to make money.

Farooq had a small handbag in which he will put his earnings together. He even owned an account in a local bank, where he stores his earnings.

He used to visit the bank once in a month and put some money from his earnings which got left over after his expenses.

Usually, it was on the 1st of every month when he will visit and deposit money.

On the 30th or 31st of every month, he used to calculate his income and expenses.


Chapter 3: A Settlement day

It was 28th of February, and Farooq was at his shoe mending shop.

The time was morning 11 O clock, he was counting his money. Selvan was seeing it from the temple. Both of them looked at each other and smiled.

They never realized that two pairs of bad eyes were watching them from a nearby tea shop.

They were two people, who got dressed like ruffians. They were watching Farooq and Selvan’s activities for more than an hour.

They were watching Farooq.

To be more specific, their concentration was on the bag of money in which Farooq was putting his money.

Farooq completed counting the money and closed the bag. He waited for customers, but no one came and hence he decided to drink a tea.

Farooq came to the same tea shop, where these two ruffians were standing.
They both have completed having their tea. Farooq was having the bag in his hand.
One ruffian walked to a bike which was standing nearby. He got the bike and kickstarted it.

The bike started, and the other one snatched the bag from Farooq.

Farooq was holding the bag loose since he didn’t expect it. The Ruffian succeeded in grabbing the bag from Farooq.
He flew off to the bike like a wind. Farooq shouted,”Oh! My God…Thief ! Thief!”

The Bike went in a high speed towards the Karaneeswarar temple.

Selvan was seeing the scene from the temple and he immediately ran towards the bike trying to stop it.

The Ruffian who was sitting behind the rider, gave Selvan a hard hit on his head using his hand.

Selvan fell on the floor. A Lot of people watched the scene.

The Ruffians fled off the place within a matter of seconds.

Farooq was crying. Selvan’s head was bleeding.

Selvan ran towards Farooq to compromise him.

One of them was bleeding and the other was crying.

The day was hard for both of them.

In the evening they were having a chat as usual.

Farooq said,”There is no God! Man, see my full month’s earning has gone within seconds”

Selvan said,”It is your hard earned money man… I am very angry towards those guys”

Farooq said,” I am unable to digest this man”

Selvan said,”See, that is why I don’t believe in the concept of working for one’s own food”

Farooq said, “ It is not the time for your philosophy…Because I am the loser now”

Selvan said,” Man, I am also hit in my head! Anyway sorry if I have bothered you”

Farooq said,” Your sorry can’t bring me happiness”


Chapter 4: The Ruffian’s Den

It was a small hut somewhere in a remote slum of Chennai.

The bike which used for theft was standing outside the hut.

The Two Ruffians were inside the hut. They were counting the money.

One said,”Hey Regalison, we have got Rs.3000/- in this bag”

Regalison said,”Your name is SariBabu and your calculation will never miss its way”

Saribabu said,”But all the credit goes to our agent X only”

Regalison said,” Yes, he only drafted the plan for us to steal that cobbler”

Saribabu said,” Have you informed our agent X about the success of our mission?”

Regalison said,” Yes I will do it now”

Regalison took his phone and dialed a number.

The call got answered at the other end,”Hello”

Regalison said,” Good evening! Sharath alias Agent X”

Sharath said,” Good evening man?”

Regalison said,” Ok Agent X, our mission is success”

Sharath said,” Bingo! You guys are great man”

Regalison said,” All because of your blessings sir”

Sharath said,” There is nothing in my hands, you people are the heroes of the day”

Regalison said,”Do you have some other plan for tomorrow?”

Sharath said,”Will mail it to you”

Regalison said,” Ok Thank you bye”

Sharath said,” Ok Bye, enjoy your earnings”