Once upon a time, a tea seller named Sagar Reddy lived in a village named  Gouraram. He was born for Krishna Reddy and Sangavi. He belongs to a poor family. But he does not want to be a poor man. He dreamed to develop colleges for students by working hard. He didn’t go to school in his childhood. He started selling teas and coffees in the bus station for the people who come to that station. He does not like selling teas but he was forced to do that by his parents as they are poor. His parents forced him to that money.

One day, when Sagar was 14 years old, a relative of him was travelling in the bus in which he was selling teas. His relative was shocked to see him in that position. He asked Sagar “why are you selling teas being a small boy and belonging to highly respected family?” Then he answered his relative saying “ I was forced to do this” . His relative showed sympathy by giving him the extra money. But he did not take the money.

As soon as Sagar went the home, he thought about his relative’s words. He was feeling guilty for the job he was doing in the bus stations. He thought of working hard. He want to build reputed colleges in Hyderabad and other famous cities. He started reading books on biographies of great persons and got inspired by them. He also went to tuitions with the money he got for selling teas and he developed the tuitions for poor children. By striving hard he earned money and build many colleges throughout India. Many people took inspiration from him and his colleges got good reputation and people liked to study in his colleges.

Moral: Just because you are struggling means you are not a failure, every step of success needs a struggle to get there.