Beautiful, elegant. But does that mean they’re not full of power? Is the definition of beautiful equivalent to not being powerful? Everytime the word beautiful is said out loud, we think of something pink, light, full of sunshine and rays. Nature is what comes to my mind with all these words. Sure it’s beautiful, but at the same time, it can be dangerous when the time comes. Just like these women who are “elegant” and “beautiful”, they can do some much more than being just pretty. Why is woman’s definition have to be those cute little words when they can be defined as the power, because they are the power. Just as I said earlier, they are like nature. And this story is just a small definition of them proving it. 

     “Can you be quick? I’m hungry!” Said the angry man. 

     “Do you think I have four hands? I can do only so much without any help.” Said his wife, Kalpreet.

   Kalpreet is a office going homemaker. Now, isn’t it a contradictory sentence? But it’s just so true. She works 9-5 everyday while dealing with her migraines on her good day. Everyday, she wakes up early, cooks food for her husband, goes to the office, comes back home, cooks dinner and it goes on and on and on. Her husband on the other hand? He stays home. All he does is watch the television after coming from his office. Now, how is it fair that he doesn’t help her, but expects her to do everything on time? From serving him the morning tea to washing his clothes. Yet, Kalpreet does that everyday. Yes, she gets mad at him every now and then, but she stays quiet most of the time. Why? Does she not realise she’s more than that? No. She is, just a storm in await.