This is the story of two strangers who met in a game and after some time they met in reality through some conditions and also with some situations.

It was the day of the NCEE examination and Lin Xia was going to attend the examination as she was getting late for the hall. She stepped out of her father’s taxi and took the bike and started her journey to the hall. On the other hand, Bai Xu was also in hurry for the treatment of this client and they got into an accident Bai Xu stepped out of his car and went near the lady and asked:

Hey! Are you all right?

As the lady (Lu Xia) called him to help her, he gave lift as he was going through ZongSu road. He asked:

Where do you want to go?

She said Qing University.

As he drops her in the hall he got a call from an assistant named Tanghao with picked up her call:

Tanghao: Hello! When are you coming the spirit is out of control,

Bai Xu: coming within a minute got some work.

Nearly 2000 years ago there was a clash between a spaceship where there were the members of heaven. These people also have differences in their clans; some are the Penglai clan and others are spirits. When spirits were controlled by their obsession, Penglai soldiers were called to kill them. Now in the year 2018, all the Penglai forces are influencing spirits to become evil by taking their obsessions. Bai Xu is one of them, now he is a spiritual doctor. He had a plant which is called Peach Blossom. The tree can blossom by only one person.

Now Bai Xu treated the spirit and came back to his dorm. On the other hand, Lin Xia‘s examination went well and now she is waiting for the result to come out. As Lin Xia and her father Su Da Zi were having dinner and discussing the incident in the morning

So how was the examination, Lin Xia?

It went well dad because of that guy we have to thank dad. How will we contact him when I don’t have his number?

What should we do then?

Let it be, we will do it when we meet next time. I will tell him about this.

After having dinner she went to her room and started playing a game. The name of the game is A Chinese Ghost Story. In the game, her name is Luwei Weiwei. She was the top 10-ranked player in this game. Where on the other hand Bai Xu was very tired of treating the spirits so he also started playing the same game to relax. His name in the game is Xiao Naihe. Both Lin Xia and Bai Xu were the top players in this game. So they started chatting in the game and played many bosses together. Through the game, they also exchanged their phone numbers with each other so that they can contact each other. Next-Day she got the news that she got the first position in the test and she got an enrollment letter from the university to get admission. She got ready for college when her father got a call for the service so he told her to go by herself.

While going to the university she has a feeling that something will happen. After finishing work at university she went to Café for a coffee. As she was right she met Bai Xu again in the Café. After having a brief discussion with the client, Bai Xu went near Lin Xia, as she didn’t expect Bai Xu would come near her and talk to her. She tells him about her admission to Qing University and thanks him for the help she also said that she owes him for all her life. As it was getting dark, Bai Xu offered Lin Xia to give her a lift to her home but she denied it. As she was moving out of the Café Bai Xu did not want to follow her then he saw that some guys were following her, so he silently followed them, as the guys were sent by the person who wants Peach Bloosm ‘s seed to go to heaven. His name is Park Min Ho. He is so desperate that he can do anything to get that. He had killed many people for a proper heart. His heart is rotten because he lived a thousand years with the help of Penglai Chuli (force). It also helps to be young. Now he wants a heart for his life. So when they are about to catch her then he fights them back and then Lu Xia thanks him again as the thanks return he gives her a lift to the house. As days go by, Lin Xia’s graduation starts and Luwei Weiwei and Xiao Nahie both get to know each other through the game. As one day Xiao Naihe asks Luwei Weiwei for a date and she says that she lost her phone, Xiao Nahie gives his phone number. She was pleased when she got the number, as her phone was lost that day when she had gone to the Café and there she lost her phone. On the day of the meeting, both of them got ready to meet and before the meeting, they had decided to meet at the east gate of the university. As the time got close for the meeting they both got ready for Bai Xu who completed the treatment of a spirit and for Lin Xia, who finished her classes and rushed toward the gate. When Lin Xia came near the gate she saw a person standing there and it seemed that she knew him. As she went close to the person she said “You”

Are you waiting for someone?

Yes. Are you waiting for someone here also?

Of course, I am.

So who are you waiting for? Bai Xu asked

A friend from the game called A Chinese Ghost Story

ohh! I also play that game. What is your account name?

I am Xaio Naihe . When she heard this she got choke in her throat and spoke up

You are Xiao Naihe, I mean the master of Glory

Are you Luwei Weiwei?


After this conversation, they started talking about their lives and how it is going on. As love was in the air and their date got completed by walking Lu Xia to the house of Bai Xu. They are smiling while walking on the street. Moreover, they are enjoying time with each other after. But the strange thing is that Bai Xu has a strange feeling that there is danger nearby them. So he asked, “Will you be my “namphong?” She said “yes”.

As days passed by and on the other hand Park Min Ho was thinking about the Peach Blossom and for that he planned a conspiracy to get it. So for it, he had Bai Xu in his hand by kidnapping the kidnapping he sends his person so that he can capture by hook or by crook as he was weak in his heart he has to do it. On the other hand, he also found what his weakness was and it was Lin Xia, so she was captured before Bai Xu. When Bai Xu was taken to the place he saw Lin Xia, so Bai Xu asked Park MinHo that

Why is she there?

I know what you need, leave her.

Lin Xia asked do you know him, Bai Xu

Yes, he is Park Min Ho, the accountant of the Penglai clan.

Lin Xia said your life is in danger that’s why in a hurry I came with them but when I came here I came to know that you have a thing that Park Min Ho wants you to give him. Get that thing and let’s get rid of him, she said.

It’s not an easy thing to give Lin Xia. As for the thing he wants, it’s impossible to give.

Ohhh! Just shut up it’s enough of your nonsense talks of yours

Park Min Ho says and orders to kill Lin Xia

What are you looking for, go and kill her

No, as Bai Xu screamed and freed himself from the rope but by then she gets hurt, and get unconscious

How dare you touch her Park Min Ho gave a blow to the subordinates who had attacked her.

I just want a deal that gives me my Peach Blossom seed and I will spare your beloved‘s life.

Then it’s done, I will treat you, but I will treat her wounds first and will take her to a safe place.

Ok then it’s a deal says Park Min Ho.

Let me have my suitcase and prepare for the operation.

After having the suitcase they started the operation on the heart meanwhile Bai Xu had a plan which he got executed while operation he used Penglai Chuli for the fruit and set it in place of Park Min Ho’s heart and take out the original heart, so that after the Penglai chuli ends so the life of Park Min Ho. All these conspiracies made by Bai Xu were secret and it’s all done by himself. Meanwhile, Peach Blossom fully bloomed because Lin Xia remembered the past of her Heavenly Soldier when she protected Bai Xu by giving a bracelet to him. When she got up she saw that her father was sitting beside him and crying. She asked her father:

Where is Bai Xu?

He had gone to treat Park MIn Ho and had a reply from her father.

What? He is in danger I have to go there so that I can protect my love

After that, she went to him and saw that Bai Xu was a little hurt and unconscious because of the treatment that he had done. As she had the bracelet with her she gained some of the energy to heal him as he got some consciousness and they took him to the hospital to treat him well. On the other hand Park Min Ho died because of breathlessness. As to protect mankind they have to kill him. After this incident, they lived happily when one night they heard that someone had taken the seed of a peach blossom. As both of them have their powers now with help of that they find who had taken them. It was ParkMin Ho.

Yes, As all of you were thinking that he was dead but not he was not dead. He had taken the heart of his subordinates to survive. On the other hand, both Bai Xu and Lin Xia got married and were living happily and they also started a computer center for the extra money where they also can build their application and also earn money to live there happily ever after.


After 1 year Bai Xu and LinXia has a daughter and son with having the power to sprit doctor.