Dhruv texted after the dispute from last night.

“Let’s meet up today at Baunta Park.”

“I can’t”

“Kavya try to understand, we need to talk”

“Okay meet me at 5 pm″

They got together that evening. The sun was getting ready for its sunset as they sat in their favourite spot, where they had first met. They sat next to one other while they watched the setting sun.

Kavya finally said something to him after a ten-minute silence.

“We shouldn’t see each other anymore,” said Kavya

“Yeah right then turn back don’t look at me “ He cracked a lame joke as always

“Dhruv be mature! I’m talking about something serious” she said irritatingly. 

“Okay sorry, say now”. 

“It’s not going the way we hoped it would, and I don’t want it to get toxic, so I think we should stop seeing one other” she added.

“Kavya … “Things never go as we think; sometimes we need to work on them, and then they will go as we lead,” he stated after pausing for a moment.

“I get it, but Dhruv,” I’m at my limit now. I just can’t; I’m just too exhausted from all of this,” she said.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m going to support you in this too,” he said, but he knows he doesn’t want this.

Although our memories were pleasant, Kavya stated, “Destiny doesn’t want us to be together.”

“But Kavya, I don’t want this,” he said to himself but couldn’t say to her.

“You are right but,” said Dhruv

But?? She breathed in relief at last. Neither of them wants to be apart. Whatever was going through their thoughts, overthinking ultimately won. God knows what more.

Dhruv said, “But Kavya, you were supposed to be my future, not just another chapter in my life.”

Kavya remarked hopelessly, “I am only a chapter of your life, Dhruv, and you have to accept it.

“Yes, you are a part of my life, but you are also its final chapter” Dhruv innocently said.

Kavya grinned when she heard this, but she is clever at masking her suffering, and Dhruv is skilled at spotting it in her eyes.

She cried, and a tear fell from her eye.

“Heeyyyy! Stop crying. It’s priceless,” expressed Dhruv.

Yes, and you didn’t give a damn.

She felt bad for saying this.

He broke down when he heard this.

Once again, they fell silent for a while. The evening appeared to be a corpse. Everything was set to end, including the birds, butterflies, and the sun, yet it also appeared as though they were all awaiting a decision.

After some time, Dhruv finally spoke up and said,

The question “What if we had never met?” Dhruv asked.

“Then we would never be apart.” She said that and walked away.

The butterflies and birds took off as the sunset.




“And cut! Fantastic guys! “said the director.

There was a big applause from all the crew members as it was the last day of the shooting.