There lived a   girl by the name sophie who was 14 years of age. As a little girl, she was a hardworking and a tough girl who learned the art of helping every needy person from her parents. She was quite all the time occupied exclusively with books as she found it interesting to top the class everytime .During her leisure hours she liked to help her parents with household works as she didn’t like the idea of resting or slacking off while letting her parents work . She was an innocent child who had a pure soul and a heart of gold. She never liked getting into troubles or engaging herself in doing toxic things. She was an active person in the society as well,every person looked up to her as their idol. Finally,it was her 16th birthday and her parents decided to gift her with a personal phone. Things were normal at the beginning but as she grew older, things started to change slowly . She developed the habit of staying up late and investing her time in watching dramas and chatting with friends as she gained so many friends from different media platforms.She didn’t enjoy doing house chores rather she enjoyed spending hours on social media’s and having fun with friends. She desired a more wordly life and started indulging in all the wordly mannerisms that she decided she would never do as a child. She was not aware of what she had become lately. Her exams were knocking on the door but she enjoyed slacking off and ignoring the books. She was purely addicted to her phone and was not able to cope with her academic session. Her parents were disappointed on her for she had become this way. They always preached her and taught her what was wrong and right and corrected her but she started taking their words in a negative way. 

She became a spoiled child by the time she was 17. She would cultivate new worldly habits that would please her and keep her in touch with her friends. She neglected her parents almost all the time. Her parents were strict but that did not scare her anymore as she started to feel that she was now a grown up. 

It was monday morning, she missed her class and as usual she  woke up late around 10 am but she noticed that something was off . She then inspected the kitchen and she could not find any food cooked for her in fact she was surprised that her parents did not wake up till now. But it was not the case, her parents had already left for the hospital early in the morning as her mom fell  seriously ill. She learned that from her neighbours and was in great shock and grief as she heard the news. She started realizing all the things that she had been doing. The way she had been stressing and worrying her parents and the way she had been ignoring her parents was what made her realize deeply that she was had become a very unfaithful child. Her hands were shaking, her body was not stable she couldn’t breathe for a moment because her mom’s condition was getting worse and the doctors were helpless as well. The fear that she was going through was miserable and all the regrets of her actions towards her mother was slowly killing her. She started crying as she remained helpless . She entered her parents room to pack her moms cloths as the doctors had informed her that they had no hopes for her mother’s life. Then on the corner of the table , she saw a bible and she involuntary picked it and held it by her hands

A word spoke to her in her heart. It said “you do know how to pray, you have been praying since you were a kid. I believe you just took a tiny break from praying for these few years.Read this Bible verse_____ and pray ”. Then she opened the bible, read the verse, kneeled down and started praying with all her heart and mind. It was a miraculous monday as she started to repent all her sins and started praying for her mother. Miraculously a soul was renewed and a life was reborn. Her mother was saved and she finally accepted all her wrong doings and she slowly starting to cope with her surrounding and once again became the favorite of everyone and made her parents proud. That was Sophie’s teenage life experience.  

Moral: when you resent God there’s a punishment reserved for you