Passion(n): strong and barely controllable emotion. 

Fondness(n): affection or liking for someone or something.

There is always something, that makes you go head over heels and trying to put that feeling into words is really a task. I personally derived this feeling from NCC (National Cadet Corps), still trying to figure out whether it’s just my passion or something that I’m fond of. NCC was formed in 1948, to make up for the shortage in Army thus it came to be known as the “Second line of defence”. I had goosebumps just listening to it but being a genuine cadet for two years was a wholesome as well as a thrilling experience.

June 1, 2019:   

Ironed Uniform✔

Polished DMS✔(Double Moulded Shoes)

Tidy Figure of 8✔ .. (Hairstyle)

Smartness ✔

YESS! It was that day, I put on my uniform for the first time feeling immensely proud and literally wanting people to look at me and as the day began to proceed, I received genuine compliments which made me feel all sorted.

From my parades, co-cadets, seniors to my camps and even the B-cert exam meant so much to me that I wouldn’t mind going through those punishments and exams once again. NCC was nothing but a family following a particular routine every Saturday. I believe families are close to the heart and so was every little thing related to NCC. It made me an independent and a confident individual by training me in different fields like camping, trekking, tent pitching etc. Unfortunately, being a cadet was short-lived and my chosen career part is different from defence due to which I hardly stand  a chance to serve the country in that khaki uniform. Since, I’ve been a cadet under the army wing,I have huge respect for the Indian Army. It’s all about how they stake their lives for the motherland just to protect it.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who do not bother about such things; Simply give it a second thought; Where would you be if it wasn’t for our defence system?. If you were alive would it be tranquil or a  torment.  

I hope to serve our soldiers who in turn serve every citizen by protecting our country.    Thus, deeply connected to the Indian Army.