It was the second day of the summer vacation, and I was literally feeling boring. When there were few days left for vacations, I was like "when will my vacations start? I have to do so much of things." But now I realized it to be so boring. 
The next morning was destined to be great. So, I woke up and decided to walk my path and not to look back.

I did not know where I was going. The only thing I knew was that I did not have to spend my vacations sitting idle at home. So, with this thing in my mind, i walked ahead.

When I was walking, I saw few boys playing cricket. Seeing them i understood that they were poor as they were in rags. I saw them from some distance. The sight of them made me smile. Maybe it was them who were actually enjoying the true essence of life.

I didn't know what was running in my mind, I went there and asked if I could also join?

They seemed more excited and said "yes, why not?"

I started playing cricket with them. The children said "bhaiya, you do the batting and see i will bold you in first ball itself. I was like, “okay kids, let’s see"

We all played for at least half an hour. After that i said them "it was really nice playing with you all".
I was about to go when one of them said "bhaiya, why don't you come to our village?"

As i didn't have any important work at home, I said 'alright friends, let’s go'. I could see their faces which conveyed that they were extremely happy when i agreed to go to their village .But then when i went there i could not believe my eyes. At one place where cities are modernizing, people are being educated, technology is developing, and there are still some places where there is lack of everything .People are facing problems every other day. Basic amenities like electricity, pure drinking water are still a dream for people living in such places.

I asked the kids 'in which class do you read?' I was amazingly surprised with their answer. They said -'bhaiya, we want to study, but there is no place in our village where we could go and study. Also our parents do not earn that much money that they can feed us thrice a day, so the question of providing us education does not arise.

It was at that time when i realized that now i would not get bored anymore. I had got an idea. Yes, now I knew how to spend my vacations in a productive manner.

I asked them, 'do you all really want to study?' 

They all said, 'yes, we want to study'

I said 'okay, so from tomorrow itself you all will study. What if there is no one in your village who can teach you all, I am there. Not only I, but there are many youngsters in the country who can and they are willing to contribute a part in making this country an educated one. So, be ready friends .From tomorrow you all will experience a life where getting education will not be a dream anymore. Saying this, I went back home.

Firstly i called two of my friends Rashmi and Rehan and also my younger brother Jatin and discussed my idea with them. Their excitement level was much more than mine. So in the evening, I along with Rehan went to buy few notebooks, pencils and a white board. I was so much excited that i couldn't sleep the entire night.

Next morning as planned, I along with Reshma, Rehan and Jatin headed towards the village. To my surprise the kids were patiently waiting for us and were very much excited.

There was a big ground near the village which was the perfect place where they could study. So,we took all the kids there. There were sixteen kids altogether and we were four. So, i thought it would be better if one person teaches four kids. And thus Mission Education started.

We all were happy. There was a different feeling. The sight of a smiling person and knowing that the reason behind that smile is you. A sense of satisfaction comes in. Yes, I have had that feeling that day. We taught them for two hours and then we played cricket for some time. After all it was because of cricket i met those kids and interacted with them.
And then we came back home with a promise to them that we will come the next day.

At night, I was thinking even after seven decades of freedom, the children of Mother India still can't read and write for they don't have the resources .Is this how our nation will develop? I don't think so. Thinking such topics I felt asleep.

Next day we went there and taught those kids and it continued. Good days run past quite fast? Don't they? The same happened with us quite a few days before. We never realized   how we had been teaching them for over a month. There was only a day left for school reopening. At night i was thinking what should be my next step. I thought when my school will reopen, I won't be getting time to teach those kids. I was thinking and thinking and then an idea struck me. I thought i can teach them in the early morning, before going to my school. Yes, I can do that. But will the kids agree? So, the next day I went to their place and told them about this schedule. They readily accepted it. It seemed that they were craving to learn. Now, I was mesmerizing with the thought that I can teach them regularly.

Coming back home, I thought just as I took a small initiative, if people start taking such initiatives can't we bring a small change in the country? Good things always pay for. And with this belief in my heart, I walked on.