The story unveils how a girl feels when she actually comes to know about the difference between a boy and a girl.

Rita was a beautiful teenager blooming in blossom. She was the only child of her parents and was a beloved kid of both, her mom and dad. They lived in Delhi, a fast moving city, or as well call it as a metropolitan city. The days and nights were usual for Rita, as it could be for any other teenager. Rita had a charming personality, with proper weight, beautiful height of around 5 feet, white skin, pink lips, big bold eyes and a beauty which could harness anyone’s attention around. She was a girl who became center of attraction wherever she went.

It was a beautiful Monday when Rita woke up from her bed, and went to the bathroom to freshen up. She was not feeling well and complained about stomach ache to her mother on breakfast table. Her mother was sure she hadn’t consumed anything which could have done this to her. She did provided her with some known stomach ache medicines and asked her to skip the school for the day and rest in her bed. She followed her mother’s instructions and went back to her room after consuming the medicines.

In the evening, as soon as she woke up and visited the washroom, suddenly she screamed loudly, it was a scream which can terrify anyone. Her mother heard it and was terrified and rushed to her room as she sensed terror. When she asked her beautiful daughter Rita about the reason behind screaming; she mentioned that she saw blood discharge from her body. She was terrified to see that and she said that it terrified her to the extent that she started screaming. Many thoughts were running in her mind that may be she is suffering from a major disease, or she will now be admitted to hospital and maybe she will die in sometime. She was thinking that she has not seen life yet and she wants to live.

While these things occupied her mind, her mom rushed to her room and was back soon with something. She told Rita about periods, or what we call as a menstrual cycle of female gender. She described female anatomy to Rita and made her understand the reason behind the blood which she saw in the washroom. The terror which preoccupied Rita’s mind vanished and she relaxed back when she came to know that it a normal phenomenon.