Love stories,aha! since eras has always been cryptic,puts one into dicey situations where mind stops working and heart starts thumping .Since our childhood we have  been enraptured by the princess love stories such as cindrella's,snowwhite's and many more.It leads to building castles in the air but when realization dawns those castle crumbles.There's a huge difference between the reel and real stories .Reel stories seem to be enchanting as they are appealing and filled with caprices.On the contrary the real is goofy and mind boggling .

To some people its painful and to some its the balm of life.Here is one such story based in the town hamirpur of himanchal.The story is seen from the female protagonist eyes.

                                            It's the story of two college going students ,budding engineers Radhika and Aakash.Radhika who is a chirpy,happy go lucky girl ,innocent, compassionate and virtuous.She is an apple of her parents eye and adored by the society for her cuteness .She is down to the earth and discipline forms the core of her life .The latter is an introvert ,meticulous and ambitious guy .He is a technical savvy,and cracks code in the blink of an eye.A junkee ,he is a lazy lad .

You might be thinking how can love penetrates and meddles with his codes. So take a look .

I woke up and realize that its half past ten .Astounded I hastily get into my college attire and walk in a humdrum fashion to the college. The college is two kilometeres away from my home .On the way I cross the temple seeking blessings for the day.And here comes my best friend's home Tanya ."Radhika again you are late " said tanya in an angrily manner.Pulling up our socks we huddled to the college.The college was admidst the woods from three sides and river on the other .A pleasant site where serenity resides and rejuvenating air as if martin had build its nests there.Tanya and I were in the cse branch.We reached the class late and got admonished by our physics teacher.We both were in the first year.First year were preys to the seniors.Whenever they got spare time they would chase us.

                                             Our classmates were hooligans,their truculent behavior and the din they created made them highlighted in the bad books of the director.The class though seem united was divided according to the cities.There was a delhi squad,a bihar squad and so on.They used to indulge in a scuffle now and then.Whenever the chaos happened we used to move out of the class.

                           One day a mischevious boy locked our class from outside,and in a regular fashion again a dispute broke out.I looked around when suddenly  out of the blue a guy caught my attention.He was sitting quietly aloof from the disputed area.He was engrossed in  his studies and was neither in any of the squads.He was a sophisticated guy full of attitude from top to the bottom.

A stern, lean and tall boy,he slouched and darted towards me,"Hi I am Aakash from Lucknow".

His demeanour enamoured me and I was smitten in the first sight.He got us out of the classroom.One night I got a prank call from him but recognised his voice .He was astounded and off one's rocker.Since that day I started liking him more and more.When Tanya came to know about it she started bantering me.The more she teased the more I fell for him.I totally blushed in his presence in the class.Time fleeted and we started chatting online.He always said that he liked my smile and that my cheeks turns red like a tomato giving it a sanguine touch.

                             It was one year to our meet .Never ever then we talked in person as both of us were shy.I didn't know of him but as of me I was infatuated by him.I was oblivion to the apocalypse that would come my way,that would make me a cynic for all of my life.It was exam time and one night I confessed him that I like him.He also reciprocated me in the manner that insinuated me that he indeed likes me.Reminiscing that day till today bring tears to my eyes ,I was so jubliant and felt on top of the world .I trusted him ,I was blindfold to all the discrepancies and conspiracies.It was more of an online dating and "Complicated" what he said to people around.Exams were over and it was the start of vacations .And Finally we were home, we started to chat regularly and shared our lives with one another.He said things which I couldn't decipher.I was foolish I think,I could have put a break to it but it did not strike me then.It was during middle of the break that he started showing his erratic behaviour and started to shun me .On asking him he would say that he is unsure of liking me and that he is skeptical about the relationship as we did know each other well ,never met .I was aghast on seeing the message ,my castle crumbled ,I was shattered and despaired.The last message from him was

"Never trust anyone  in this world except for your parents".

Things were different now,love had abandoned my heart and what  left was stoned.

I felt dumped,rejected.It's third year now ,one year has passed to the incident,I have come out of the storm ,as a bold lady.Now nothing can break me ,nothing can shatter me .Earlier I was cabinned confined and cripped but now I am free as casing air as white as rock. I have given more into studies and ventured into singing as my passion .I know first love cannot be forgotten but as people say "Empty mind is devil's workshop" so I am trying to keep myself occupied .Let's see what destiny has in store for me.Now I aim to reach the summit of success.Aakash became a turning point in my life.

The story above just leaves me saying

"Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequitted love".