A bittersweet, yearning for healing deep within, filled with unspoken whispers of love, and unfulfilled hopes for the future.

Some loves are meant to part ways by fate or destiny. Searching for a beautiful end that never was found. Lost somewhere within those bars of unknown, walking and breathing, the souls are dead deep inside.

Marking and craving for healing in every path yet, cruel fate doomed for despair. 


Summer nights,

oh! Nights in the Dark,

Parallel me to the sky,

Make me blues of your fly,

A dream to lie,

Till I reach my Tie of starry nights.

And turn my-

Nights Dye to stars bound to love.

A time when nights were the best to  talk about millions, I still remember when the roofs of those houses were surrounded by stars and marked by you.

You were so close yet so far.

Like those stars in the night sky.

I talked and talked,

whispered galaxies of blues

Just for you to notice

While the galaxies turned doomed,

Never reached your path.

A time when we longed for parallel word.

 We were young and dumb who knew there will be a time when we would stop needing each other and stop talking about parallel worlds.

How I wish I never ran for you out on that summer nights of June,

How I wish I never left my home roof.

How I wish I never saw you in someone’s arms.

How I wish the universe stopped me.

How I wish it was never us!!

When the dreams die,

The destination wakes me up.

When I stopped dreaming-

The waves started screaming,

The sand engraved with names on it,

The names washed away-

Like you washed away from my destination,


How do I wash away our memories?