Situated in Punjab, Amritsar is surely on the list of every travel freak and adventure seeking person. Surrounded by the beautiful city gurudwara ‘Harmindar Sahib’ sits majestically in the middle of the Sarovar. It is definitely a must see for all.

The distance between Delhi and Amritsar is about four hundred fifty kilometers which can be easily covered by car, flight or by train, in addition, buses are also available from Delhi to Amritsar at very cheap rates. Flight covers this distance in the most efficient and time – saving method, it takes around one and a half hour from flight to reach the holy place whereas six to eight hours are common for the train as well as cars and buses.

This is definitely the most popular and liked weekend getaway destination.

We departed from Delhi in an off – season time that is winters. Early morning departures are the best in the case of self-driving and we did the same. We left our house at 4 in the morning and carried breakfast with us and had an aim of stopping directly in Amritsar. Driving can be a little tiresome especially in the winter mornings which are covered with dense fog so be careful while driving.

Other than that it is a really fun activity to have a road trip early morning and once you reach your destination all of the hard work pays off. At first, you will be shocked to see the huge gurudwara in the first person and that is the time you realize that TV and films do not do any justice. The magnitude of people waiting in lines to go inside really takes your breath away. It takes approximately two to three hours in the line to reach inside and offer prayer to the god but this wait amounts to zero when you reach inside, the mesmerizing interior, people experience every type of emotion and can finally express their feelings openly to God.

The waiting line never finishes, there are more and more people who join the lines every minute, in no other place one gets to experience this kind of holiness and sanity that he experiences here.

Other than the Gurudwara there are many different activities one can get themselves indulged in like shopping. The markets are flooded with extremely beautiful ‘phulkari’ clothing that can be bought at reasonable prices. Phulkari shoes, jackets, dupattas are the most shopped items here.

All this hopping will definitely make you hungry. Don’t worry food in Amritsar is literally finger licking good. There is a large variety of food in both vegetarian as well as non[ – vegetarian section with specialization towards the non – vegetarian section of food. Butter chicken, tandoori chicken, Afghani chicken etc are just some mouth – watering examples of food that the city has to offer. All these food items are full of love, Ghee or butter and you will feel full for the rest of the day for sure.

If you are on a tight budget like we were there is nothing to worry about, cheap lodges, as well as good street food, will easily fit in it.