“I need an average looking fat brown girl as my wife”

How easy it is to describe one’s desires on this globe. Has anyone thought of the person described there? How would one feel who is referred fat and brown and what not!

No one, I repeat NO ONE can change this hypocritical society. According to their theory, there are 3 types of girls viz: Beautiful(Skinny), Good(Shaped), Average(Fat). So at times when we(The Fat girls) are asked to come in front of our in-laws, we’re supposed to cover our flab as much as we can because that will only decide our future. Yes, our body will decide and not our education. Being a fat girl is itself a sin. Curves decide my character and the way I handle it decides whether my hymen  is sacred or not. Well, there are people who respect the adaptations but some just create blunders out of their thoughts and this is where Feminism should emerge out of each woman. Men on the other hand have a lot of expectations but fail to fulfil a tiny desire of a girl. Then who reciprocates? So obvious, The fat girl! Because she has already lost her confidence in people and can make no progress unless she looses her weight. Better way is to compromise and settle with peace.

Fun factor, Fat girls are invisible in the entertainment industry. For instance, an advertisement showed women going crazy around a boy who has applied the perfume and were aroused. Undoubtedly, those women were skinny. Not a single one showed flab. So where did the fat women go? Don’t they get aroused? Don’t they have fantasies?And the only place fat girls have is weight loss sessions shown to publish their products. There you may find hundreds of girls though. 

Again, our boobs, our butt and our waist they’re all sexualized. With no concern of the perceptions, we’re judged on the basis of our weight. Not only women but men do suffer through this.

Talking about the “Average looking fat girl” as long as we as a power don’t stand up and raise a voice, we’ll be criticised. And no matter what our soul will be demoralised. There are people who doesn’t want to get changed. They’re comfortable in it. They love who they’re. They enjoy what their shape looks like. Why do you have a problem?