*Rachel’s Point of View*

Luke Simons. I don’t know why, but he scared the living hell out of me. He scared me to death. It was the way he spoke, the way he was around with people. It was scary. It scared me a lot because I have never been one of those people to be able to even talk properly without fumbling and then having to react with Luke Simons and his 3 stupid friends who pretended to be punk and and were rude to basically everyone didn’t make my anxiety any better.

My name is Rachel and I work for The Capitol Records, sounds weird, right? I was actually the boss of Luke Simons and his so called band, but in return, I was scared of them. I wasn’t scared in literal sense, in fact, I did my job quite well. But sometimes, when I overheard them talk abut girls, school and everything else, it gets me a bit anxious. They weren’t bad guys, but they weren’t in the good boy figure too. The rest 3 were okay, for me, they were just fine. Caleb and me were kind of friends too, and they obeyed all of my orders, but Luke, he was a hell of a guy. I was mostly scared of him because he could make me lose my job with his stubborn attitude. He never listened to me and I had gotten into so many troublesome situations because of him. I hated him and I thought he hated me back.

It sounds lame, for me to scared of these 4 lads, because I was 19 and they were all younger to me, especially Luke. Ashton and me were of the same age, though but Luke was the youngest in the band, and it was embarrassing for me to get scared of him when he spoke in that extremely high pitch of voice when I pushed him to do things. But, on my side, this is my trial job. I was, in a way, dependent on them. I wanted to have the best reputation so the management hire me completely, but the nuisance these guys created made me look like a loser who can’t handle 4 kids, and that bothered me the most.

If you were wondering, I had done management in college and for a trial job, like, for my own big experience list, I tried for Capitol Records, and they were sort of impressed with me and they hired me to managet his new band they had signed. Right now, I have the best job any girl could dream of, but knowing the kind of guy the lead singer, that is Luke Hemmings is, it was a torture for me. He treated me like shit, and as a scared little fuck, I took in all of his humiliation.

Actually, I was totally gutted when he had the nerve to ask me out after about a month of my job, it was a Monday, and that is why I wasn’t really surprised how ugly it had been that Luke Simons thought it would be cool to ask me out, if you were me, you’d hate it too. Because I hated Luke Simons.

3rd February, 2014. Monday 8:45 AM

“Hey Rachel!” I heard Malcom entering my room.

We stayed at a hotel in Melbourne for two weeks, because of the interviews and performances they had to here.

“Hi” I simply said.

“Look up!” He replied back.

I shot up my head to look at him and I couldn’t believe it, he was insane, “What the hell?” I tried not to laugh.

“I dyed my hair,” he grinned at me.

“It looks dumb,” I told him, he had black and purple hair. I always laughed at his attempts of trying to be punk rock, because boy… he always failed.

“You’re dumb,” he mumbled.

“Excuse me?” I glared at him.

“What? We’re not on work, are we?” he smirked. I rolled my eyes at him and continued doing what I was and that’s studying.

“What are you doing?” He took a seat next to me.

“None of your business,” I snapped at him.

“I was just kidding! Don’t get so defensive,” He snapped back at me.

“Excuse me? That’s not how you talk to people!” I yelled at him in an irritated tone.

“Right? You were the one to tell me how its none of my business!” He defended himself.

“You called me dumb!” I put up my point.

“Fine, sorry,” he rolled his eyes, “Why are you so moody?”

“Luke asked me out!” I finally said.

He cracked up at that.

“I know, I knew it! Its a joke right?” I countered, hoping that it was a joke.

“What?” He said inbetween laughter, “no! I’m surprised he finally asked you out. He’s been crushing on you for so long”

“Are you serious?” I glared at him.

He nodded and stepped closer to me, “Very serious,” he sat down close to me.

“I’m studying,” I said and pushed him away.

“What did you tell him?” He asked me, playing with my hair.

“Obviously, a no,” I replied.

“Why did you say a no?” He asked me.

“I have like ten hundred reasons,” I sighed.

“And those are?” He raised an eyebrow at me.

“Having an almost romantic relationship with one of his band mates,” I challenged him.

He stopped and looked at me blankly, “You’re not falling for me, right?”

“Yuck,” I made a disgusting face, “but how can I date him? I mean, its not fair!”

“You think nobody knows about us? None of the boys?” he laughed, “they obviously know. Luke still likes you, and we all know it.”

“You knew he liked me and you still had the audacity to flirt with me?” I snapped at him.

“Ow, looks like someone really needed to be flirted with,” he teased me, “you are such a boring person, I was just doing some charity,”

I punched him and scowled at him.

“No, but seriously,” he said, “this thing isn’t really serious,”

“yeah,” I said, “But, I mean, it’ll be uncomfortable”

“I have a lot of reasons to not date him,” I shrugged.

“Give me another reason then” he simply replied, “go on?”

I shifted a bit away from him, “I am not interested, the first reason is good enough” I said looking at the wall.

“Nah, that one is stupid, you say no and how its not worth it but then you fumble your words,” he replied.

“I have a lot of reasons too,” I snapped at him again.

“Mmhmm, reason one is done, what are the rest?” he looked at me.

“I don’t wanna tell you,” I replied and left the room.