In a world of increased pollution and several other crisis, it is just the time people need to realise and save our future.



I wondered when are these people going to change. I regretted the fact how insane they are. I felt worried thinking of the Earth’s future. It is just another day my mind is fed up with all these thoughts. Every time I reach the wash area, I see someone wasting so much of water. Either they keep the tap running off while brushing, use more water for washing less number of clothes, or they use so much of water to clean the utensils and so on. I keep warning each one of them to save water. But no one lent ears to my words, rather I was looked up as a common enemy by everyone for I had been indulging in their freedom of using resources. I never worried about how they treated me and I always kept turning off others’ taps while they were wasting water. I felt scared of where all these are going to end up.

I looked up on the world’s records regarding water issues. There existed so many nations, especially in the southern parts of Africa where people are suffering for pure water. There had been occurring water crisis in many parts. Although 70% of our Earth is made of water only 3% of it is pure and usable for our purposes, the rest are saline or salt water, in the sea. Of this 3%, much has depleted due to our usage, or polluted due to human activities. So the present level of available pure water for usage is much low. People have not realized this issue. Everyone thinks that its their rights to use water just because they pay money for it.

You have rights to waste your money. But you have no rights to waste the society’s resources.

At the bottom of my heart, I always wanted to find some solution to this problem. I decided to take a chance with the cultural program of the College. I made a survey regarding all these water issues all over the world and made a presentation regarding the same. I decided to hold up a felicitation on this issue at the Culturals event. The organizing committee reviewed my presentation and rejected it as they felt it would be boring at the happy evening. I felt fed up totally and said to myself that they were just one among those who waste resources. I strongly wanted to create an awareness on this issue. Thinking for a while, my mind caught up with my mobile. I scrolled out in it and then struck with the idea of using social media. I uploaded and shared my presentation with my friends through whatsapp and facebook. I felt atleast 10 out of 10000 people will realize on seeing this and started forwarding my presentation to the groups I were in. To my satisfaction I received good replies from everyone and had more number of shares.

But this wasn’t my actual target. I wanted to end up this issue on water crisis which is expected to occur even in our nation in the near future. So I wasn’t fully satisfied. I was thinking over and over again. Then I felt, it is the children who could be changed easily. Also, they are the citizens of the future. So I decided to change the minds of the children and started travelling to the nearby schools in the evenings. I met a lot of enthusiastic kids who keenly observed what I spoke. Some understood what I tried to establish and some felt shocked about the future. I felt satisfied that atleast few of them will pass this on to their family so that wastage of water could be reduced to some extent.

I continued my school visit when I went to my hometown. My ambition was not only to save water but also to establish a good awareness on depletion of various natural resources. I suggested on reducing wastage of electricity, reduced usage of plastics and the importance of cleanliness. The importance of separating degradable and non-biodegradable wastes should be well understood so that people handle the wastes in a proper way. This will help in reducing land pollution since accumulation of wastes is a major problem in our country.

Also, the society should understand the hazards of industrial effluents so that a massive protest against the establishment of toxic industries could be started. People have not realized the level of pollution of land and water through industrial effluent. Through my talks, I established strong awareness and opinions in the young minds of children including those kids of the government officials related to the industrial development corporation. I felt that some of the dads may change their minds through the words of their cute daughters so that they don’t get into accepting bribes for granting permission for those hazardous industries of the town.

The recent fact that an industry manufacturing poly vinyl chloride, a toxic substance that could pollute air and soil has been inaugurated in my town made me run through shivers. That year, I visualized the pollution and experienced lesser or absence of rainfall during the season truly because of that company. A thin film of polluted air was established in a radius of around 6 km around that industry and this prevented rainfall in these regions.

When I enquired through the people who survived close to that industrial area, I was astonished with the fact that bribe was at its peak in the establishment of this industry. It was actually banned in other nations while the industrialists probably managed to start it here through the influence of money. Many great political leaders and higher officials have involved in this bribe event and everything has been moved legally for starting the company. Approvals were based on payments and the value of life and survival of the people in the city were not taken into consideration. I felt that there is no solution to this problem since it involved higher levels of corruption in the concerned authorities.

As days passed by, my visits and speeches got spread through many parts of my hometown as well as around my college. I could sense the change in few people around me at the hostel. I felt a bit happy for the change yet there are so many people still ignoring the value of resources, especially on the wastage of those non- renewable resources. I wondered if there are any possibilities for changing all these people. Fate.. there was absolutely nothing that could be done on solving this issue.

If the government decides to implement stern regulations for usage of resources simultaneously establishing terrible punishments by law, there may come a change. But it was actually a long way ahead. Even the higher officials and scientific dignitaries of the nation have not realized the seriousness of this issue and hence there is really no solution to this issue until the society decides to change.

With a confidence built in myself that I could change atleast few people of the society I continued my journeys to several areas around. I wished that some day everyone starts saving resources before its too late.