She had been strong for years and she knows if she let him back, it will end up destroying her. But to him, she was a mystery which he couldn’t resist solving only to unfold the truth which was hard to cope up with.
Do mistakes of past ruin future or make it better?


Tears shed through her eyes. Pages of notebook had wet spots. Heer Singhania cried in rare situations and this became one of the special moment of her life. She looked up and saw a middle-aged woman with round spectacles smiling. The lady was suited in formal wear with her small hair tied in a tight high ponytail. She remarked, “He is special….because in this age this kind of maturity is rarely seen. This piece is one of his best.”

Heer nodded and wiped her tears. Fortunately, she had waterproof eye make-up but her brown eyes were shining with happiness. She asked “Where is he?”

She replied, “He was in his class but I have called for him”

Suddenly, there was a knock on door. The teacher said, “Come in”

The door opened. A young boy of eight entered. Heer rushed to hug him. He asked, “Am I in trouble? Did Miss Martha complain about the fight? Because I swear Richie started it.”

Heer said, “No honey. Mrs. Wilson here just showed me your essay on ‘my family’. I heard you got the first prize. Sammy isn’t it nice?”

Samar jumped, “Really. I got first. It is so good.”

Heer nodded. Mrs. Wilson got up and said, “Samar you have done an excellent job and you deserved to win.”

Samar bowed and said, “Thank you”

Heer said, “Thank you Mrs. Wilson for your time.”

Mrs. Wilson said, “Well Miss Singhania it was lovely meeting you. Now I have to go to check on something. If you like you can talk to him for some time. I am sure he would love that”

Samar said, “Yes ma’am”

Mrs. Wilson exited the room. Samar hugged Heer. Heer asked, “What were you talking about the fight?”

Samar was looking down at the floor. Heer said, “Samar… Look me in eyes and say the truth. You know I don’t like you telling any lie. Samar….did you start the fight? Were you hurt?”

Samar was now staring at the wall. Heer said, “Sam… I am asking you something”

Samar said, “Mom you need to take a chill pill. I am a big boy. I can handle my fights. You don’t need to interfere in that.”

She held his hand and said, “Sam you are my life. I am just asking this because I love you and I care about you. You know you are the only thing that is most precious to me. And I am asking this because I don’t want you to get into any trouble.”

He gave her a peck on his cheek and said, “I am responsible boy. I was just talking to him but then he said something about my dad. I got angry so I couldn’t keep control. You know I am a good boy.”

She rushed her fingers through his hair, “I know you are good boy, Sam. But you have to control your anger. People will say things but you have to ignore them. Every time we can’t react to silly things like that”

He said, “I love you, mom. I just don’t like when people say things….bad things about you or my dad. I want them to stop. You are so nice…why people say things about you. I…. just wanted to protect you… mom.”

Samar began to weep. Heer wiped his tears, kissing him on his forehead said, “I know you want to protect me from people’s words but Samar you are not here to fight. You should be calm and patient. Samar it is not your age to protect me. Parents protect kids not vice versa. Ok, now stop crying. Mrs. Wilson will be coming soon and she will think that you were scolded”

Samar sniffed and wiped his tears with a smile. She kissed him again on his head and rubbed off the lipstick marks from his face. He said, “But you know what….you rarely scold me”

Heer smilingly said, “I know that…and that is the reason you are a naughty kid.”

Samar tilted his neck and said, “No I’m not”

Heer said, “Yes you are”

He hugged her, “I love you”.

She hugged him back saying, “I love you, too”

Mrs. Wilson entered the room with some papers. She adjusted her specs saying, “You should better get back to your class before you miss the lessons.”

Samar said, “No, it is history and I hate history.”

Heer hushed him and said, “You should not say that. You should love all your subjects”

Samar hung his head down. While going out, he said, “See you on weekend”

Mrs. Wilson said, “I wanted to call you earlier and talk to you about something. Samar is really a nice boy but….”

Heer asked, “But what is wrong?”

Mrs. Wilson went though some papers and said, “Samar is really happy. He is life of this school. He has won many competitions but……. one day, Mrs. Fletcher found him crying in the locker room. He said that nothing is wrong but I think he misses his family.”

Heer said abruptly, “He has family. He has his mom and his grandparents. I think he has enough family.”

Mrs. Wilson said, “I know this is your personal matter and I have no right to have say in this. But I think he needs his dad too. Don’t you think he should be getting involved in his life more often?”

Heer said, “Yes, you are right”.

She paused. She continued, “You are right. This is none of your business. It is our family matter”

She grabbed her bag saying, “I know you are his teacher but I never gave anyone right to say anything in our family matters. It was nice meeting you. Thank you for everything.”

She went out slamming the door.


“She said that?” Nikki asked. Heer took a sip of her coffee and nodding said, “I know she is his teacher and all but she has no right to say that. Why can’t a single mother take care of her child? Why can’t they stop?”

Nikki and Heer started walking across the hallway. Nikki said, “Have Sam said anything about his dad?”

Heer said, “No. He always says he does not need a dad. But sometimes, I think, if he had dad, he would have been happier.”

Nikki said, “Oh please, you did a right thing. He never deserved an angel like Sam. You know he would have never cared about him.”

Heer took another sip, asked, “Are you sure? Do you think I did a right thing?”

Nikki nodded. She hugged her and said, “You know, I and your family are always there for you and Sam.”

Heer smiled, “Family…right…you are also my family.”

Nikki hugged her tightly. Heer smilingly said, “Now let’s focus on work or else Derek will fire us.”

“Yeah, then you’ll not have money as fees for your son’s school and I will never have my magazine”

Nikki laughed wiping fake tears. Heer checked her phone when it beeped. She said, “Mom again checking on me. I am not a kid anymore. She is just so….over protective.”

Nikki said, “I think she thinks of you that 16-year old who was just full of life and didn’t cared about any mistake.”

Heer kept her phone in her pocket and kept on walking. Nikki said, “You used to be so happy”

Heer said, “I am happy now also. But earlier, I used to be a simple girl. I was not at all popular. I used to be perfect. I had perfect plan. But…”

Nikki said, “You know everything happens for a reason. Well you went to your favorite college. You are perfect now too. You went to be the boss’s girlfriend and you are designer for the one of the famous magazine of London.”

Heer said, “Boss’s ex-girlfriend”

Nikki took coffee from Heer’s hand and took a sip. She said, “This is good. Yeah ex-girlfriend, but he still wants you. And Sam likes him, right?”

Heer shook her head, “No, he liked him as my friend but he will have never accepted him as his dad.”

Nikki raised her brows nodding, “Yeah, he thought you were spending more time with Derek and less time with him”

Heer nodded, “I know. I should have been more careful”

Nikki went to sit in her cubicle while Heer went in the studio ahead. She looked at the papers lying on her desk. She got a little tensed. She sat on her seat and started designing the outfit.

Suddenly there was a knock on the translucent door. A young and handsome guy entered the room. She stood up. He said, “I just wanted to ask if the designs for the next issue are ready or not?”

She answered, “Yeah just last one. You will get that by tomorrow”

He said, “Okay, that will work for me”

He was about to leave when she said, “Umm… Derek I wanted to ask…”

Derek was listening eagerly. She asked, “How is Emily?”

Derek said, “Yeah she is good.”

He came close to her and said, “Look Heer, I know there is supposed to be an awkward situation between us. But you don’t have to be formal with me. I am your friend.”

She replied, “I know but working for you is really…”

He completed, “Uncomfortable??”

She bit her lip. He moved her hair back of her ear. He said, “I will always care for you. You know you were that best thing that happened to me. You will always have a special place in my heart.”

Heer took a step back. She said, “Everything has ended Derek. Please control yourself”

Derek said, “Okay. I’ll go but if you ever need a friend I’ll always be here.”

She nodded. He exited the room. She sat on her chair and buried her face in her hands, “I don’t need anyone. Why can’t people understand that? This is getting out of hand now”

She went back to her work.



There was knock on the door. Heer was sitting on her couch. She shouted, “Nikki, open the door.”

Nikki came out from the room she said, “You could have also gotten up. But no you have to watch your favorite show. You have become so lazy, my dear. You need to do some work.”

Heer nodded with a smile. Nikki narrowed her eyes and opened the door. A guy with bunch of roses with smiling face was standing. Nikki said, “Yes, who the hell are these for?”

He said, “Nikki Arora”

She got surprised. She asked, “Are you sure?”

Heer turned to see. The boy said, “Some guy asked me to deliver these”

Nikki asked, “What is his name?”

The boy replied, “I don’t know”

Heer said, “Are you mad? You should have asked his name. What if this is bomb?”

The boy said, “What? I am so sorry Heer. I should have checked. I am sorry”

Heer laughed and said, “Okay, Niks just check if it has bomb or not?”

Nikki checked the bouquet and found a card. It said-

‘Nikki…would you like to go out with me? I saw you after 10 years in Plaza. I know you don’t remember me but if you can…please come to Plaza tomorrow if you want to refresh your memories…


Your friend’

Nikki turned with a disappointing face. Heer asked, “What happened?”

Heer came to the door and asked, “Who is it?”

Nikki said, “It’s from Rishi”

Heer confirmed, “Are you sure? How can you say that?”

Nikki showed her the card and said, “This handwriting is surely of his. I am hundred percent sure.”

Heer took the card and gave it back to the guy. Nikki said, “Give these back to him and say we don’t want him or any of his gifts. He should just stay away from us or else we will inform the police. And Willie, never bring flowers just because some person send them. You know us…you should not be careless with your regular customers.”

He nodded and ran downstairs. Nikki closed the door. Heer asked, “Niks are you okay?”

Nikki nodded and went to kitchen. Heer followed her, “You want to go plaza? If you want you can go”

Nikki took some plates out of the shelf and said, “No, I don’t want to keep any connection with that person”

Heer said, “What if he is not the bad boy he used to be? You know there are so many possibilities that he must have become a good guy.”

Nikki said in high voice, “What if he is still the same? What if he has become worse than before? I am not going for false hope. That insensitive, heartless pervert is now sending me bouquet. You know… for what… I know what… he wants what every guy wants but he will never get that.”

Heer tried to calm her down. Nikki continued, “For last 10 years, I have not had any boyfriend because I hate men. You know that.”

Heer said, “Look Niks, what happened with me was not anyone’s fault. You should go out with guys. You should not brush off any guy. Go out with him. You always had a crush on him.”

Nikki kept the bottle of sauce with a force. Her pink cheeks were apple red now. She was really angry. Heer hugged her. She said, “I know you are scared and you are allowed. There is nothing wrong in having a boyfriend. Niks, please just meet the guy. You know I will always be there if anything happens. I can accompany you if you want.”

Nikki said, “I don’t think I need that. If he does anything wrong, you know….he will not see next morning.”

Heer laughed and took away some of slices of bread. She said, “Why are we eating bread tonight?”

Nikki said, “Miss Singhania, the Chinese place is closed today. So ma’am you will have to bear with it.”

Heer faked her angry voice, “You know you could get fired for this”

Nikki bowed down and said, “Not if I kill you first, I will not get fired.”

She took a knife and slowly went towards Heer. Heer said, “Niks, we don’t joke with knife. I have a kid. I want him to have a mother.”

Nikki said, “Don’t worry baby, I will give him mother’s love”

Heer ran around the apartment with Nikki following her with knife and then with pillow. After a big pillow fight, they both finally had their dinner. Nikki went to her room. Heer was busy making new designs. Nikki said from the other side, “You know Derek is going to hire a new photographer.”

Heer bit back of pencil. Nikki came out of the room. She continued, “Do you think he will be cute?”

Heer took out the pencil and said, “I don’t care. I just want him to capture my designs properly. I don’t want his photography ruin my designs.”

Nikki asked, “So you will not be interested in him? Are you sure?”

Heer turned to face Nikki. She said, “Why are you curious now? You hate men. You were never interested.”

Nikki brushed her hair and said, “I am changing, as you said. I am trying to regain my old Niks. And I was talking for you. Your mom will be happy with me.”

Heer threw cushion at her. She caught it. She continued, “Throwing cushion will not help, throwing heart will help”

Heer said, “I’ll kill you if you didn’t go to your room”

Nikki said, “Try me”

Heer said, “I’m going to count till three. If you didn’t go, you will bear the consequences”

Nikki placed her hands on her waist, “You think Sam’s trick will work on me”

Heer started, “One…”

Nikki argued, “It will not work”


“You are not serious”

Heer said, “I’m damn serious”

Nikki said, “Okay, fine I’m going but don’t think I’m scared of you”

Heer gave her a smile, “You are”

Nikki said, “You are so a mom. You know how to tackle a kid”

Heer said, “So you are saying you are a kid”

“See you in morning. Good night”

Nikki went back to her room and Heer resumed her work.


Heer entered the Old Mary café. She straight went to the counter. She said, “Irina, how much is the bill for the month?”

A middle-aged woman said, “I’ll check. Just wait”

She back near the cash counter. Heer got another text from her mother. She called her up.

“Hey, mom”

“Sweetie, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, mom”

“You never return my calls”

“Mom, I was busy”

“Okay you are now so busy that you can’t talk to your mom”

“Mom, please don’t talk like this. You know if I had I would have returned your calls”

“Dear, I had good news. I just wanted to tell you your aunt Asha is searching grooms for Isha. If you want…”

“Mom, no… I have to go and please don’t talk to me about this topic anymore”

“Just think about it. Everyone needs a life partner”

“I don’t need one. I have my family… and it is complete”

“Sweetie, I just”

“Mom, bye, I can’t take it. Love you”

She ended her call. She was about to turn when a guy spilled cold coffee on her dress. She shouted, “Are freaking mad? Can’t you see?”

She looked up from her dress. She saw a familiar face. A handsome guy with black shades on his eyes smiled at her. He took out his shades and said, “I think it was your mistake.”

She said, “You will never admit you can do any mistake”

He gave her a confused look, “I don’t get it. It was practically your fault”

She took some napkins from the tried to soak it. She said, “It would never hurt to admit mistake for once”

He asked, “Why are you making a big deal out of it?”

She answered in high voice, “It is very expensive dress. I don’t think you’ll be able to pay for this.”

He said, “Do I know you? You look familiar.”

Heer signaled him to stop talking. She said, “Don’t try this trick, please. I know you don’t remember me and you never will”

He asked, “Why are you getting so mad at me?”

Heer calmed herself down. She said, “Just leave it. I have forgiven you for the biggest mistake so there is no big deal in forgiving you for this one”

He was confused again, “Biggest mistake??”

She said, “Vivan, just leave it.”

Irina came out and said, “Its 200€”

Heer gave her the money. Vivan was still in confusion. She was going when he held her hand. He asked, “Hey, have you and I met before?”

She jerked off his hand, “No, I don’t think so.”

As she did that, bottle of sauce kept on the counter fell all over Vivan’s shirt. He shouted, “What the hell? You ruined my shirt”

She passed him a smile and said, “Now let’s call it even. At least, now you will remember me”

She took his hand and handed him some money. She said, “Unlike you, I’m sorry”

She faked him a smile and went away. He watched her go. Vivan could not believe that someone had talked to him this way. Girls usually throw themselves at him but this girl did something that no other girl did. He looked at the money in his hand and said, “You will have to pay for this”

He ordered another cold coffee and kept looking at the money. He said, “Those eyes are unforgettable. How can I not remember her?”

He got a call. He took the coffee and went out after paying the counter-girl.

A few hours later, Heer was sitting in her room. She had changed her black and white sheath dress to a simple red wrap dress. She tied her hair in a messy bun. Nikki entered, “Heer, do you want coffee?”

Heer turned and said, “Don’t ever say coffee. I don’t want coffee”

Nikki asked, “Why my coffee-addicted babe not drinking coffee?”

Heer said in calm voice, “You won’t believe whom I met…”

Nikki asked, “Who? Is it Queen Elizabeth? Or is it Tom Cruise? No, I think it will be Shah Rukh Khan”

Heer shook her head irritated with Nikki’s questions. Just then, Derek entered, “Baby, the new photographer is here”

Heer folded her arms and tilted her head with eyebrows raised. Derek corrected himself, “Sorry Heer, the new photographer is here”

Heer said, “I’ll just be there”

Derek left. Nikki said, “He is not used to calling you by your name”

Heer said, “I know”

They left the room and entered the studio where Derek was making the announcement. He said, “Everyone, please welcome the talented and gifted photographer who had been freelancer for many magazines. He had joined our magazine. I hope he’ll be working here permanently. We are so lucky to have one of the best, Mr. Vivan Ahuja”

Sound of claps surrounded the studio. Heer and Nikki looked at each other in shock.


Heer was standing near the coffee machine with Nikki. Nikki said, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you met Vivan”

Heer said, “I was about to tell you when Derek came in”

Nikki took a cup and offered another to Heer but she declined it. Nikki said, “Come on Heer, you can’t leave coffee just because a stupid accident happened”

Heer said, “I know. I just don’t like having it now”

Derek came in and took away the other cup. He said, “So what are you girls discussing?”

Heer left. Derek looked at Nikki. She said, “Nothing particular”

Derek took a sip and said, “This is good”

Nikki gave him a smile, “Thank you, now I should better get back”

Nikki left. Meanwhile, Heer entered her cabin. She let her hair open. She was startled when a voice said, “You have nice hair”

She turned and saw Vivan sitting on the couch. He said, “You shouldn’t keep them tied”

She asked, “What are you doing here?”

He said, “Just wanted to return your money. I don’t need it”

She rolled her eyes and extended her hand out. He gave her the money. She stuffed it in her purse and looked up at him asking, “Now what?”

He said, “Nothing”

“So leave”, she said. He said, “I will if you say please”

She said with a high tone, “You can do whatever you want. I’ll leave”

She left the room.