Shraddha and Harshit begin to search for the gift. Then they run into Ashish. What happens next?

Shraddha paused and asked,” Will you tell me what’s wrong?”

Harshit was shaking his head in despair. His phone rang. He picked that call. He listened for a while and replied with a pinch of anger,” Mausi, don’t worry. I am finding that gift. I’ll tell you if I get it.”

“Wait wait, what has happened to the gift?”


Harshit sighed and narrated, ” Somebody stole the gift.”


Shraddha gasped and uttered,”What!! How!!”


“I was waiting for Lakshmikant near the Montessori School. He came on his bike and took the gift pack. It should have reached to Mausi in around 20 minutes. Then I got a call from her about the gift pack being stolen. Lakshmikant claimed he got late to reach there. He delivered some tiffins then he decided to meet me. When he came he saw no one so he left.”


The plates of Chhole Bhature came. They both had their meals despite the fact that Harshit was rather too reluctant to do so. Their motive for the celebration was not fulfilled. How unfortunate!


After finishing the meal, Shraddha said,” I think we should go and file a police complaint.”


Harshit was tensed due to the recent events. He just nodded his head.


There was a police station near the Montessori school. They decided to go there. They were strolling towards the police station. Harshit saw a familiar set of shoes.


The person walking in front of them was Harshit’s archenemy. Well built and a height of 5’8, he wore a sky blue shirt over a white tee and blue jeans. He was stunned as he unexpectedly ran into Harshit.


He began to run. Harshit chased him. He was a good runner and he caught that guy.


“Where are you going young man? Won’t you say a good morning?”


“Harshit, please don’t create a scene over here.”


“No Shraddha, I am not here to create a scene. I just want to ask Ashish about these awesome shoes.”


Ashish was Harshit’s junior in school. They both studied in the same Maths tuition. And they both had hatred for each other, it was that Harshit was more expressive about it.


Ashish made a grumpy face,” Is it so necessary to know?”

Shraddha sensed a heated argument and tried to cool their heads,” Can we talk like normal people? And Harshit, what is it? If you’re trying to vent your frustration on Ashish then you are not doing a great thing.”

After listening to Shraddha, Harshit said,” No you’re not getting me. I remember it very well. These shoes. The same shoes which that phoney Lakshmikant wore.”


“How can you be so sure? Anyone on this Earth can have similar shoes.” Ashish explained.


Harshit stared at those shoes for a while.


“No I am sure. These are the same shoes.” Pointing towards a cake of mud on the shoe he said,” Shraddha you remember, one day in the bus we saw a tattoo of a dragon. You said it looks so good. It’s structure was somewhat like this only.”


Shraddha saw the mud for a while and said, ” Oh yes! You’re right!”


Ashish was confused,” Now who is this Lakshmikant?” Then he added in a serious tone,” Now let me go.”


Harshit stopped him,” You can leave us, but tell me why did you come in disguise of Lakshmikant?”


Ashish shouted,” I have not stolen your gift? Why don’t you understand?” Then he realised his mistake.


Harshit smiled and gave an evil laugh,” Very good. Now tell me how and why did you do it? And secondly, where is the gift?”


Shraddha was astounded,” Why Ashish?”


Ashish’s face was hung in shame. He held his ears,” Please forgive me. I did not want to do all that. I was ordered to.”


“And who had so much authority to do so?” Shraddha asked.


Ashish was silent.


“Go on Ashish! We are waiting!”


Ashish went towards Shraddha and held his hand. They both ran. Harshit was extremely confused. He followed them.


“Will I get my gift or not?” Harshit thought to himself.