The story revolves around two persons deeply hurt by their past and wanting to live in their past ignoring their life waiting ahead of them. Read the story and find out whether they overcame their situations or got trapped in it?


We both met at a junction where we both needed each other very badly in life. We both were punctured in life, hurted from our past, when we encountered into each other, we acted normally. Slowly, we started knowing each other, we used to text each other for hours and hours, used to talk like hell, ignored our wok too but we always had a fear at the back end of our mind that we don’t want to indulge in love. Our past had punctured so much hatred in us that we were actually ignoring the thing that we had not only started liking each other, but slowly we were falling for each other. Ryan met Slyvia on a cruise which was heading to Greece. Ryan was going for some official work, while Sylvia was visiting Greece to iterate about the architecture and the cuisine of Greece. Ryan was a typical businessman and Slyvia was a travel expert. Although both were different from each other but yet they understood each other very well.

So when they met on cruise, they talked normally, then they felt something tingling. But both were rigid, they ignored their feeling. By the time they reached Greece both knew much about each other. Although they both had their own work, but they both were smart enough to find time for being in touch with each other.

Some more days passed by and then they both confessed about their feelings but still they both thought that it was not right to be with each other.

Both were fighting a fight within themselves and so both were confused. They even tried to stop talking to each other, but their emotions were just flowing out of their hearts and they were unable to hold on their emotions. Every passing day was making it more and more difficult.

Slyvia was quite mature in this case because her life was full of struggles and she knew that she will lose her heart out, what she was scared about was that will Ryan understand about his feelings? Will he lose his heart out? Will he give the same commitment like she wanted to give to him? All these questions were wandering in her mind and so she kept things to herself. She was actually waiting for Ryan to disclose his emotions, she was waiting for him to overrule his emotions. She wanted Ryan to speak on this topic.

Finally on 17th October, which was Ryan’s birthday, it was the day when Ryan finally broke into tears near his mom and expressed everything to his mom. He explained everything in detail and then his mom suggested him that what had happened in past had gone away and he should look forward to a better and bright future. His mom asked him to go and find his love which was Slyvia. He ran and searched for her, he called her and she picked the call, and the next thing both said to each other was something which both wanted to speak out since long. Both confessed their feelings to each other, Slyvia left her insecurities aside and believed in him and he too left his bitter past aside and accepted the way she was. Both left their past behind and headed together for a better future.

Today, at present day both are blessed with two kids and both are enjoying the lavish company of each other.

Their love is fresh and warm; it has the same charm which it had when they met for the first time.

Not always your past can affect your future, it is you who decides what your future will be, it is you who can change your present and your future too, make sure you take the right decisions and you don’t deprive yourself from the beautiful feeling called love.