Once there lived a poor boy. He was alone, living in the streets and used to sleep wherever he finds place. He earned very little money by begging or rag picking so that he was able to afford at least two meals per day. He was very skinny, malnourised. He worked very hard but the result was not much appropriate. One day, a wise man saw that boy. He went to him and asked about his livelihood. After he listened to his story, he was so worried and he just wanted to help that boy. So, he gave a 500 rupees note to him. The boy was amazed and thanked the man. The man took the boy to a nearby shop and bought 10 toys worth 50 rupees each. He told the boy to sell all those toys and keep a commission of 5 rupees for each toy. The boy started selling a toy at a price of 55 rupees. At the end of the day he sold all the toys and earned 550 rupees. Now, the man showed him a way to earn money. He told the boy that the 50 rupees he got was the income for his job. The boy understood and followed the same. He was earning a little more than what he was earning and was able to afford good for his livelihood. Years went by. Now the poor boy had started a small shop, had a house to live and everything had changed. He had good standards for living. From a rag picker, he was turned into a small businessman. All because of that one man who invested on him and helped him turn into a small businessman. The man who gave that money came to his shop with his son. The boy remembered that man. He thanked the man for helping him reach this much. He was so grateful to him. The man tried to remember that incident. He was not able to remember so much but somewhat remembered him. The boy wanted to give toys and stationeries at free of cost but the man didn’t want that and paid whatever he required. The man appreciated the boy and wished him to go further in his life.