Romie, a sweet yet mischievous 7 years old little boy lived with his mother and big sister Jyoti in a Colony at Delhi, India. Jyoti, his elder sister took care of him and helped him in his daily activities. She was like a mother figure to him.

One day, Romie went out to a park with his sister. While she was sitting at the bench, Romie was playing on the slides and seesaw. While playing he saw a cute little puppy roaming around. He found the little pup very adorable and started following him. A little to his knowledge, Romie went way too far ahead from the Colony while following the little pup

Jyoti, who was reading a book while sitting on the bench, after 5-10mins noticed that her little brother is not anywhere near her eye sight. She panicked and started looking for her brother everywhere. She asked about him to all the people at the park. One person told her that he saw Romie following a puppy towards the exit of the Colony. Jyoti ran out to that direction and after a lot of searching, she found Romie under a small bridge near a cannal playing and giggling with a litter of puppies.

Jyoti emotionally hugged her little brother and asked him to accompany her back home. Romie, to her surprise denied to go back home. Romie told her big sister that the little pups do not have anyone to take care of them as they don’t have a mother, who probably woud have already died and hence he has decided that he will be their guardian and take care of them. After listening to her little brother, Jyoti felt very proud of him. Romie requested her to let him bring those puppies along with him to their home. Jyoti wanted to bring those puppies at home but she knew that their mother will never allow it. Yet, Jyoti asked her brother to put them all inside a big box. She picked up the box and carried it with her. After reaching near the house, Jyoti told Romie not to inform mother about those cute little pups. She kept the box inside a closed garage near their house. Jyoti and Romie fed those puppies for a few months. Romie used to play with them every evening and Jyoti brought food and milk for them thrice a day. The puppies grew up fastly and they now have become adult dogs.

The dogs at the end were stray dogs who had temporarily formed a bond with a human friend. However, their innate instincts or their desire for independence may eventually draw them back to their original lifestyle and Jyoti knew it.

One night Jyoti went to the garage with teary eyes. She hugged each of them and petted them for hours. While returning back she kept the backside door of the garage opened, knowing that it’s now their time to live alone and independently.

The next morning, Romie went to the garage in hope to meet and play with the dogs, but to his surprise the dogs were not there. They left to their own world

The dogs at the end were stray animals who had momentarily become attached to a human companion. Jyoti was aware that someday, their innate instincts or desire for independence would cause them to return to their previous way of life.

Jyoti went to the garage late at night with teary eyes. She spent hours cuddling and petting each of them. Knowing that it was time for them to live independently and alone, she left the back door of the garage open as she headed back.

Romie went to the garage the following morning in the hopes of meeting and playing with the dogs, but to his astonishment, they weren’t there. To their own world, they departed.