So this is a story of a girl, Nishi. Born and brought up in well to do middle class family, where from childhood to adulthood she continuously listening to only one thing “Beta jldi jldii pdh lo wrna zindagi mei kuch ni ho pyega” . She is studious but not a topper, her mother scolds her everytime after results and compare with her fellow peers. This continues till she reached 8th standard. She tries super hard but she is not good at Maths subject. Thought she is very good at other subjects but not getting good grades in maths become a terror for her and she lost all her confidence throughout her school life. During these times she doesn’t care about any other extra curricular activities like dancing, painting which she is good at.

She thought that only study takes you towards the path of success and these things doesn’t give you anything in your career.

Later on her boards exam came and she just passed in her pre board maths exam. Now every teacher, parents told her that it will be very bad if you score like this now what you will do in life .

She is traumatized and worked very hard, burning midnight oils, studying continuosly 14 hrs per day. After all these things she grab 90% in her boards, and got her name and photo published on her school board as well as on newspaper.

Everyone became super happy by this.

But after this she decided to pursue medicine as a career.

Got admitted in coaching, but when she gave her entrance she failed !

Again everyone she can’t do anything in her life she failed. She tried for second attempt again she failed, she tried for third again she failed. Continuous back to back failure. Now she frustrated and changed her field.

She decided to pursue other course . Everyone declared her failure but she kept on grinding.

She got a job after her graduation but she felt that something is missing in her life .

She got introduced to social media influencer who creates videos and earn well. She thought to give a chance to it and she started creating dancing content.

She started dancing after a long time, and create content out of it. Her moves became viral and she became the fastest growing dance influencer of india .

Got introduced to several celebrities because of her content and then she started a dance school to teach students.

She became super famous and successful in a span of 3 years .

Now every one of her family cheers her up and she slapped everyone by her success.

Keep moving even if you fail, you never know what is written for you. She thought that dancing can never be a career because this is what she taught from her family, but she got her career into dance.

It is never too late, it is nerve too early, evryone is on their time, just keep moving forward don’t listen to someone who try to pull down your confidence. This is your life, make it worth it .