After the divine experience everyone was so glad and enthusiastic about the construction of churches and forts…they all went on and on in the discussion and decided to go to Notre dam church as the next destination. John too agreed for the same.

Similar to previous day everyone including the oldest couples of all uncles and aunties were there, at 6 am in the morning. They boarded their respective buses and started the journey. John’s assistant Sammy took the lead this time and started explaining things about the church. “Notre-Dame de Church is one the best buildings of the churches in the world. French revolution and other history related is something different and difficult to express in words. Experience of the same only will give you all the satisfaction. The construction is different than conventional ways,” Sammy said. “It is basically a Cathedral which is one important sculpture factor of English countries. Presence of stained glasses and Romanesque architecture made its looks different than any other constructions.”

Further John continued, “Some scale of desecration occurred during the French Revolution wars due to destruction of the religion and cast – creed system. Since now-a-days no one cares about the cast and things like that, but at that time it was quite crucial….so.” After some time people played some small games into the bus and enjoyed the journey. After some time they reached to the destination.

Everyone was quite silent, astonished and happy at the same time. John said into Sammy’s ears, “This is your time to learn. Lead the group properly. If you do any mistake don’t worry just manage slowly….I am there.” He was so happy after the same; he moved swiftly out of the bus and started walking. He got off from the bus and guided older people at the first. He exclaimed, “People please make a single line and keep your belongings safe with you. Once we move into the Cathedral no one will be able to speak much because it is a kind of silent zone. Prayers and everything will be going on so we will just join the same and have the taste of it. Due to some traffic and road constructions, there is this delay. We apologize for the same. So only small part of prayers you might get to listen. So let’s move in..we should not waste time in talking.”

Everyone rushed to the cathedral and stood in line while visiting inside the same. They stood properly in one row and bent over the benches for the short pray. After that session John explained the beauty of construction of the monument and importance of the same in the French revolutionary war. They all were so moved even Sammy got motivated by the knowledge and experience of John. He felt so proud of the fact that he is getting trained under a person who is adroit in the field. After the same Simran said, “Next I wish to go to a place which is majorly attached to the history of France and French culture.” John thought about the same for a second and said, “Sure. I know exactly where we can go!”