After doing all the shopping everyone was so happy. All the female members went on and on for the same. They bought several things for themselves and their relatives. Various malls and shopping complexes they visited and spent a lot of money. Male members were worried about the finance.

John suggested, “Why don’t we visit to some sacred place tomorrow. We all will go for the prayers and everything; there we will get a divine feeling.” Everyone especially Joshi uncle and aunty agreed for the same since they are the oldest members of the group. “The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris is a popular landmark, which is one of the highest points of the city. It is basically the place which is kept sacred and the peace that we achieve there is truly off the chart,” some information Ravi read over the Wikipedia. “Please guys if you all wish to go for prayers we have to reach in the morning by 7. So please be ready and come in the lobby at 6:30 am.” Everyone agreed because they all wanted to see what will actually happen.

The next morning the team of guides were already ready before all the group members. They started their journey and reached the church in time. John exclaimed, “Please be silent and follow me. This place is a symbolic representation of sacred nature of Jesus, purity of thought and loving sympathetic image of Jesus.” As they went inside, the prayers soothing voices fell on their ears. The smell of those chapels and the mammoth construction groped their hearts. They all just imagined how small we all are in front of that almighty.

John guided all of them and they all stood there by closing their eyes and hands folded. They all were under so pure and divine feeling that John observed on their faces. Such moments he used to cherish, where his travel and tourism field is actually giving the sheer joy that he needed.

After the prayers there was this session by church’s father where talked about life and pain. The happiness is something people get which is of very low value…..but the pain and grief will be thousand times more. That is what people realised from his talk. John started talking, “Paul Albade is creator of this mammoth structure. Darker background colour and dome shaped construction of the roof is well designed in such way that it can easily manage the centre of gravity of the same properly.” All were so pleased and astonished by the monument that their trans-form is out of their body itself. John further continued giving the information…..and he went on and on. One of the member asked, “Why are you so attached or sentimentally talking about this place?” He promptly replied, “This is the place where I met my first true love and got married with her. Hence…..I am sorry,” tears fell down from his eyes. All the women were so touched by the same; few even went ahead and hugged him tightly. It was nice bond formed between them..