John came into the lobby of the hotel and said, “As per madam said last time now we as a team planned to visit to Napoleon’s Tomb. It is one of the most interesting places which are related to the history of the France and French revolution wars.” Everyone got so excited about the history factor of the place they all started talking and googling about the same.

John exclaimed, “People please keep silence!!! Let us give the information. If you wish to read it yourself right now then what is the point of experiencing the same? Right!!!? So today evening we will all move to that place and enjoy the taste of history.”

With the bus and people sitting inside, Rahul asked one question, “Can you explain who Napoleon was? Why his history is so important to France or maybe to rest of the world?” Sammy to the chance and started explaining, “The basic museum which we are going to visit is known as ‘Les Invalides’ which means ‘Residence of Invalids’. That museum basically includes all the pieces of war heroes and their ancient things. Napoleon’s tomb is the major attraction of the same, since he was the dictator and ruler of many countries in the world. He was French emperor for more than 10 years. French revolution and Napoleon are two indivisible parts of a coin.” People were stunned by the information Sammy provided and John felt so proud of that moment. Sammy whispered in his ears, “Yesterday I read and prepared the speech….did I rush a bit in that?” John replied, “You have done pretty well my boy.” The information was crucial for people to understand the background of the museum and relation of history and Napoleon. “Louis XVI is the one who started the project there and furthered by many rulers. Since now it is a mammoth construction people just keep on getting mesmerized by the fact that even at that time populace used to build such an amazing things without machines or computers!” John added further.

Everyone got so excited by the information that they both gave, they started running out from the bus that all the old people even got up and left the bus quickly. Looking at the huge museum they felt how amazing the world can be? Everyone was like, “Woooowww!”

John explained, “This building was initially maintained as a home for veterans and soldier. Further it has few areas which were used for first aid purposes. Then those areas are now converted into sections with different names like Cour de la Victoire, Cour de la Valeur, Cour de Mars, Cour de Toulon. All these French words and their translations are given over the boards. Please follow the lead of Sammy and we also have taken a guide Chinnasamy who can speak in Hindi, English, Tamil and Gujarati so if you need any assistance with language he is there to help you in this museum.”

Everyone was so happy and excited that they went on and on into museum and enjoyed every single bit of the history that was present into the same.