The group is moved out from the memories of Disney Land. After the stressful but fun day at Disney Land, they are planning to take rest for one day and roam around the city where not much of activities are there to do.

While roaming in the city by their traveller bus, Ravi, husband of Sushma said, “Why don’t we all go to Arc de Triomphe? It is one of the most phenomenal monuments in the world. I was reading about the same on internet.” Simran said, “Please uncle it should not be a place where we have to walk or travel a lot like yesterday….I am too tired to walk…!” John laughed and said, “No. It is one such monument where we just need to sit and enjoy the view of the city. With that we all will have the beautiful view of the place….will take innumerable pictures and will have a lot of fun.”

“The Arc de Triomphe is one of the most famous monuments in Paris, it is one of the greatest tomb under which there are bodies of soldiers from World War 1 and other French Wars which were fought by them in very valiant manner. It is generally giving a patriotic message. There is some factual and historical background but the scenery around the same is phenomenal. This used to be the biggest arch till the one that is built in Mexico City which is known as ‘Monumento a la Revolucion’,” said John, which is the information everyone listened and they all were astonished by John’s knowledge and dedication to the field.

Simran asked, “Why is the visit so important? We could have gone for shopping or in any other malls….these historic places are so boring…” Over the same Ravi replied, “Sorry to say this Madam, but because of these soldiers many people over the globe and even here are sitting peacefully. For their respect as well as the construction’s astonishment we all have to visit the place. Anyway we can go to the shopping part as well after some time, the malls are going nowhere…” Everyone laughed a bit, until that conversation ended their bus had reached to the Arc.

John got off at first and gave direction to Eric who was the bus driver for proper parking. Then everyone got off in front of that mammoth monument. The structural beauty and carvings over the same were truly off the chart. Kids in the group moved ahead of the group and elevating their necks they tried to grasp the whole building in one stance. They just said, “Wowwwwwwwwww!” after that. Looking at their enthusiasm and eagerness to observe that place everyone got the rush and energy. The group move quickly near the Arc where names of many soldiers and their tombs are kept. The most interesting one is the Tomb of Unknown Soldier. Many celebrities and political leaders visit this place to respect the same. People had taken photos and enjoyed the view of all the roads connecting the main central part. After the general tour they all went for shopping……..