Esha, a 20th century girl was not less than any girl totally dependent on herself. She was an intelligent, educated girl who was ready whatever she believed in. She was 23-years-old, the age in which a man is believed to be working upon his career while a girl is believed to marry & make a family as soon as possible. She was against all these facts.

She lived in New Delhi leaving back her hometown just to pursue higher studies. It was in the morning that she got to know a bad News. Though she was a cheerful girl, giggling at other’s jokes, making fun of herself and laugh, this was something that made her cry like hell.

It was a message from her boyfriend, Raj saying, “ It isn’t working anymore, I want to leave u.” She couldn’t believe it. She was clear in her mind that he might have got someone more beautiful & sexier than her. The last moment she spent with him suddenly came to her mind that was no more a reality. It shook her heart. It was her first relationship and it broke in a sudden blow. She texted him back, called him but there was no response. Raj might be feeling the same but it wasn’t true otherwise he might have been sorry.

She cried badly though there was none to wipe her tears in that lonely flat. Each day reminded her of him kissing her, passing his hand through her long black hair and looking at her with deep love. She consoled herself to make her believe that it was just past and she has to forget that. But it wasn’t possible. She decided to do something. She neither called nor texted him.

She reached his home to sort out everything that happened between them.  She reached his flat in south Delhi. He told him that he wasn’t happy with her.

She slapped him hard and replied back, but there was nothing like that when you were with me. When you spend those nights in my arms. Your needs are satisfied and you’re bored of me now. Its okay. Now I am dumping you. Goodbye. It hurts his ego. How could a girl talk to me like that and that slap. That wasn’t meant to be. She has to repay for this.

He tried to text her with abusive messages but couldn’t. She had already blocked him. She did it on the social networking Sites also so as to forget him. She left the city & went back to her Hometown, a small city in Allahabad. It was the only place that could Keep her life balanced in life. A wrong decision and she had to quit all those stuffs.
According to her philosophy and her attitude, she regained the confidence that was lost during what all happened few years back.
It was just because of that man who tried to ruin her life. She went to Mumbai and became a part of a multi national
Company after completing her MBA from IIMA. She was not less than any of his male colleagues. She was proud of it and had moved far Ahead of her last & only break up because she was no more Reliable on any man around the world except his father who inspired her to reach out for her goals.

She continued to earn more & more, transferred to London in UK and came back to India after earning much. She opened a free karate Classes for young girls for self protection. She opened schools in her hometown & assured that every girl was empowered with right to education.

She is proud of herself even now being mother of two girls and managing her job along with home. She hopes to make them powerful as well.