It’s Christmas time. Alice, a little girl truly depicts the spirit of Christmas. Read on to find out how she does it.


It was Christmas time. There was an air of festivity everywhere.

Snow covered streets, Christmas trees for sale, family shoppings, everything seemed exciting to little Alice. She was the only daughter and was treated like a princess. Sitting in the car dressed in her favorite pink frock she said to her mother-“Mom! Our Christmas vacation starts from tomorrow. We have to go to Christmas shopping as you promised tomorrow. I want a pink frock as my Christmas gift”.

Her mother said-“Why my dear! You have always wanted a pretty doll, besides you already have a pink frock. Why do you want another one?”

Making a puppy face, Alice said-“Mamma please!” Her father who was driving, looked at her from the front mirror said smilingly-“Anything for my little princess”.

They reached school. Alice bid her parents goodbye and walked towards school gate. Standing beside the gate was a girl in a very shabby dress, looking at people passing by with great curiosity in her eyes. Upon seeing Alice she gave a wide smile and waved at her. Alice went to her and started talking to her. Upon hearing the school bell ring she bid her goodbye and rushed to her classroom as she didn’t want to be late to her class.

After school, while Alice was coming out of school she saw the girl, talked to her. Finally, her father arrived and she left with a last goodbye.

The next day Alice and her parents went for Christmas shopping. They bought a pink frock as wished by Alice. However, she wanted it packed.

Her mother said-“But Alice, Aren’t you going to put it on tomorrow? Why do you want it packed? “.

“Please, Mom!”-cajoled Alice again with a puppy face.

Her parents looked at each other and her father said -“I think she is becoming too much of a spoilt kid”.

However obliging her request they got it packed. After shopping they got into the car and at one particular lane, Alice asked her father to stop the car.

“Please, Dad!”-Alice said coaxingly.”Please stop the car here”.

“Alice,” her father said angrily, “this is the last time you are getting things done that way” and stopped the car.

She nodded and got out of the car with her packed pink dress. She went to a girl whom Alice’s father recognized as the very same girl to whom Alice was talking to yesterday.

Alice handing over the gift to that girl hugging her wished her “Merry Christmas”. The girl was stunned for she never received any gift from anyone until now.

She took the gift, unwrapped it and found a pink frock in it. A spark lit in her eyes and there was joy written all over her face. With a very wide smile and a small tear at the corner of her eye, she hugged Alice and said-“Thank you! Thank you very much! This means a lot to me”.

After proper greetings were completed, Alice got in the car and explained to her parents who were watching her with a mildly surprised look.

“She always used to stand beside the school gate looking at people.”-Alice said, I happened to notice her couple of times. Finally one day I asked her-“Why do you always stand here?”

“Why don’t you come inside?”

“Are you afraid of school?”

“You know I was afraid too, but school isn’t really that bad.”

The girl half smiled at my curiosity and then said -“I do not go to this school. My parents cannot afford the fees here. I come here to watch these people with lovely dresses. I really like your pink dress”. Alice smiled back and nodded her head.

That marked the beginning of a pure and innocent friendship.

They talked daily and that is how Alice has come to know of the girl’s house too.

“Sorry Mom and Dad! I just wanted to surprise her” she said after explaining everything.

“It’s ok my dear”, her mom said, “but what are you going to wear tomorrow?”

Alice gave a very sweet smile and said-“I shall put on my pink frock which is as good as new”.

Her father patting her gently on the head smilingly said-“I’m proud of you, my dear”.