Michael was a simple boy but with not so simple nature. He was of 13 years and was deprived of the love and affection of his parents which is the right of every child. He belonged from a middle-class family where his parents had to work day and night to earn. Michael was not the only child to his parents, he had a sister who was mentally disabled. All was not good between Michael’s parents, every time when they use to come home after the day’s hard work something or the else made them fight, but they never felt that their fight is affecting Michael.

Michael became a loner in his house. He had no one to talk about or share his issues. To overcome his loneliness he made food his BEST FRIEND. Michael whenever got upset he used to go the ice-cream parlour and spend one –two hours . Not only ice-cream tubs he started keeping packets of chips, popcorns in bulk in his bedroom. He used to spend 5-6 hours watching films in his room. He started bunking school. Every road side shop started recognising Michael’s face as he became their daily customer. His parents never noticed this change because they were busy in earning money. They thought just by providing their son with money completes their responsibility towards him.

From 45 kgs to 79kgs ,this was the result which Michael got while fighting against his loneliness. Among all the items his favourite was ice-cream. He never said no to ice-cream. This resulted in 79kgs to 85kgs. For a 13 year old child this body weight was too much. He rarely used to go out from his house and when he travelled in public conveyance, people always commented on him. For a child this was so humiliating, no one can never understand or estimate what was going inside Michael’s head. People called him fatso, fatty ,hippo but he never said a word against them.

After sometime Michael lost his sister. Her name was Daisy. She was two years younger than Michael.

Michael loved his sister though Daisy was disabled since birth and her body never allowed her to show or express her emotions, but still Michael and Daisy use to share a lovely bond. After her death he became more quiet and his intake of not-so-healthy food increased day by day.

One day after 7 months Michael’s mother stepped inside his room. After seeing his room she couldn’t  react for at least 10 minutes  and after 10 minutes she uttered only two words “ MY CHILD” and tears started flowing from her eyes. She saw Michael lying on the floor with a ice-cream tub which was empty. For the first time she noticed the increase in his weight and the change in his body structure and felt the pain which Michael was going through. She tried to wake him up but Michael was not responding. They got panicked and called an ambulance. He was admitted and doctors did many tests and it was discovered that Michael had Diabetes. For  a 13 year old child having diabetes was not normal neither for him nor for his family.

His parents actually realised that in the race of earning money and for living a high standard life they lost all the golden chances to create memories with their children. They understood that there is no time left for regretting. They took the initiative of doing anything for their son and understood what his son has gone through. His mother instead of going office stayed at home and started taking care of him. For Michael this was a challenge to accept the change in his parents behaviour but with time both Michael and his parents understood that nothing is more important than a Family, A HAPPY FAMILY!